NFL Week 11 Predictions: Playoff Picture Begins To Form

Mike CraigCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

Thursday Night football ended dramatically with the New York Jets beating the New England Patriots for the lead in the AFC East. That doesn't mean the Jets will be crowned AFC East Champions just yet, however, they look like they are heading in that direction.

If this team plays like it did against the Patriots for the rest of the season, then I wouldn't be surprised to see 2008 AFC East Champions: New York Jets! As for a Super Bowl run for the 39-year-old Brett Favre and company, we will see.

It is still a tight race in the AFC East. Buffalo plays Cleveland on Monday night, if the Bills win, then they are possibly back into the race. However I wouldn't count on it for the Bills have lost their last three games.

The Miami Dolphins on the other hand seem to be playing as well as the New York Jets right now, and even at the bottom of the Division right now, they have won their last three games. Guess what Miami, here comes your second bye week as you get to play the Oakland Raiders! Never has the AFC East race been so exciting before in such a long time.


The AFC North might have just got even more interesting with the Browns switching quarterbacks. I hope I am not the only one who thinks that Brady Quinn might have been the missing piece to the Browns playoff hopes. There is no for sure winner in this division just yet.

The Pittsburgh Steelers play the interestingly-not-so-good San Diego Chargers this Sunday. However, the Steelers lost last week to the interestingly-not-so-good Indianapolis Colts. We shall see.

The Baltimore Ravens are some how amazingly at 6-3 with rookie quarterback Joe Flacco. Can somebody please tell me how they are accomplishing this? Regardless, they are at a tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers a top of the AFC North. The Steelers of coarse win the tie breaker. The Ravens this Sunday play the New York Giants. Will the Ravens be the second AFC North team to take down the Big Blue?

The Browns play Buffalo on Monday Night. With the swith to Brady Quinn at quarterback instead of Derek Anderson, this team might finally be going places. Lucky them, they are playing a team that is on a three game losing streak right now.

Can I just write the Bengals off right now? There, already did. At 1-8, you are not winning this division!

The AFC South may be the easiest division to predict out of the whole AFC. However, even the mishap Indianapolis Colts could still come from behind and win it if the Titans suddenly start losing all of their games.

The Tennessee Titans are on top of this division with a commanding lead. At 9-0 they come into Sunday playing division rival Jacksonville Jaguars. Now to most people, a 9-0 team against a 4-5 team isn't anything. Well to be honest, you would be surprised what facing an undefeated team does to a team. It makes them step up. Everybody wants to be the first ones to beat them. The Jags still do not have what it takes.

The only other team in this division that could possibly give the Titans a run for their money (and the literally almost did become the first team to beat the Titans) is the Indianapolis Colts. This Sunday they play division rival Houston Texans. Do not count the Texans out just yet. They are not that bad are they? Oh wait, sorry, I keep forgetting we are not talking about the same Texans of last year.


The AFC West by far is the worst division in the AFC right now. The leader of the division is the 5-4 Denver Broncos. Behind them is the San Diego Chargers who are 4-5. These are the only two teams that I see winning the division. This division could easily be won with a 8-8 record though.

The Denver Broncos head to Atlanta to play the rookie lead Falcons. Of coarse, even with Matt Ryan, the Falcons seem to be firring on all cylinders.

If the Broncos lose to the Falcons like I think they will, and if the Chargers beat the Steelers (which I don't think they will), then there will be a tie in the division. Of coarse that isn't say very much because it could change very quickly the following week.

The NFC East is another big division that any of the four teams could easily win (much like their counterparts in the AFC East). The Giants lead this division with a 8-1 record. Followed by Washington being 6-3. The Eagles and Cowboys are both 5-4.

The New York Giants play the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday. Now where the Giants beat the Steelers, they lost to the Browns. Could Baltimore possibly beat the Giants. I doubt it.

The Washington Redskins play division rival Dallas Cowboys in a Sunday Night game. This one should be interesting as the Cowboys are supposed to have Tony Romo back. Will we see if Tony Romo and his pinkie are the real reason the Cowboys are sucking it up so bad?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the only ones with a sure win this Sunday. They play the one win Bengals. The Bengals of coarse could pull off an upset, but its not likely.


The NFC North is a tight race between the Chicago Bears, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Green Bay Packers. The Packers just lost to the Vikings by one point last Sunday, where as the Bears lost to the Titans last week (go figure).

The Chicago Bears play the Green Bay Packers this Sunday. If Green Bay wins like they should, then the division could be in yet another three way tie.

The reason it will be in a three way tie if that happens is because Minnesota goes to Tampa Bay this Sunday. The Buccs are looking really strong with Jeff Garcia back in his rhythm.

I just want to say it, I really really just want to say it. The Lions shouldn't even be called the Lions at this point. They are more like the Detroit Kitty Cats. Please please please drop out of the NFL, you are embarrassing yourselves AND the NFL.

The NFC South is probably the most interesting and biggest surprise of the NFC this season. The top three teams have six wins or more, and the last place team is only 4-5. Although, I am sorry to say, but I am counting the New Orleans Saints out of this.

The Carolina Panthers are at a soundless 7-2. I don't hear much about this team, but obviously they are good enough to not be mentioned in the "what the hell are you doing in the NFL" portion. At 7-2, they are the second best team in the NFC (record wise). As a matter of fact, there are only four teams in the NFC that are sucking really bad. This Sunday the Panthers welcome Detroit into their home. This team should be 8-2 easily after week 11.

The Atlanta Falcons are lead by rookie quarterback Matt Ryan. The Ravens and the Falcons are doing pretty good for themselves with rookie quarterbacks. They are both 6-3. This Sunday, the Falcons play the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are too inconsistent.

The Tampa Bay Buccs play the Minnesota Vikings. Jeff Garcia is back in his rhythm so expect a good game here. Adrian Peterson will have to yet again carry this Vikings team on his back if they expect to win here.


Last but not least, we have the NFC West. The worst division in the NFC, and NFL (much like THEIR counterparts in the AFC West). I don't even have to write up anything much about them. The Arizona Cardinals are 6-3 and are playing division rival Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are a mere 2-7. Whatever. Please tell me why you people thought I was insane for predicting this division (including the Seahawks) to be sucky? It looked like I was right after all.

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Denver Broncos (5-4) @ Atlanta Falcons (6-3) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Falcons


Detroit Lions (0-9) @ Carolina Panthers (7-2) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Panthers


Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) @ Cincinnati Bengals (1-8) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Eagles


New Orleans Saints (4-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (1-8) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Saints


Baltimore Ravens (6-3) @ New York Giants (8-1) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Giants


Minnesota Vikings (5-4) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Buccaneers


Oakland Raiders (2-7) @ Miami Dolphins (5-4) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Dolphins


Chicago Bears (5-4) @ Green Bay Packers (4-5) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Packers


Houston Texans (3-6) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-4) at 1:00 PM

My Pick: Colts


St. Louis Rams (2-7) @ San Francisco 49ers (2-7) at 4:05 PM

My Pick: Rams


Arizona Cardinals (6-3) @ Seattle Seahawks (2-7) at 4:05 PM

My Pick: Cardinals


Tennessee Titans (9-0) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5) at 4:15 PM

My Pick: Titans


San Diego Chargers (4-5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) at 4:15 PM

My Pick: Steelers


Dallas Cowboys (5-4) @ Washington Redskins (6-3) at 8:15 PM

My Pick: Cowboys


Monday, November 17th, 2008

Cleveland Browns (3-6) @ Buffalo Bills (5-4) at 8:30 PM

My Pick: Browns


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