Chicago Blackhawks: Various Ways Fans Can Get Back into Blackhawk Season Mood

Tyler JuranovichCorrespondent IIIAugust 23, 2011

Chicago Blackhawks: Various Ways Fans Can Get Back into Blackhawk Season Mood

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    I am happy to announce that we are only 28 days away from some Chicago Blackhawks preseason hockey. While you may not be able to actually go to as many games as you'd like to because of insane ticket prices (very insane I might add), there are various ways to get your house, computer, and even your mind ready for the upcoming hockey season.

Decorate Your Desktop Wallpaper with the Blackhawks

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    Every season the people working on the Blackhawks website create new wallpapers for you to set as your desktop background. There are player-only ones, one of the ice girls, the players standing for the anthem, a Stanley Cup ring wallpaper, various different logos, and a newly added Joel Quenneville wallpaper.

    Once the season begins I like to change my wallpaper every month to the 'schedule wallpaper' that has a different featured each player along with the all the games the 'Hawks will be playing that month. All wallpapers look very sharp and are sure to make you want to leave your computer on so people can see how much you love your 'Hawks.

    Get your desktop wallpaper here

A Chicago Blackhawk Fathead

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    Now that you have your computer all decked out with a Blackhawks desktop wallpaper, you can now move onto your living room, garage or wherever you watch the 'Hawks. I know the Fatheads are kinda on the expensive side— $90 for the Blackhawks logo—but they are definitely worth it.

    I know that because I own one. They're very easy to put up and they're very high quality. There's nothing better than having the best looking logo in sports on your wall for everyone to see and compliment you on.

    Get your Blackhawks logo Fathead here

Buy a 'Toothless' Duncan Keith Shirt

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    Duncan Keith cemented himself  into the 'Badass Hall of Fame' when he lost seven teeth during Game 4 of the 2010 Western Conference Finals against the San Jose Sharks. He left the game, only to come right back out minutes later to help finish off the four-game sweep, leading his team to the Stanley Cup Finals, which the 'Hawks would eventually win.

    It quickly became Chicago lore and won Keith much respect from fellow teammates and Blackhawk fans.

    Get your Keith t-shirt here

Re-Watch Some of Pat Foley's Best on-Air Calls

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    Chicago Blackhawk fans are not only blessed to have a great logo and team, but also great announcers to go along with all of it. One of those announcers is the great Pat Foley. He was brought back to the Chicago Blackhawk TV booth after a short stint with the Chicago Wolves.

    I am really glad that Foley is back in the booth. It makes watching the 'Hawks on TV a whole better. As irrelevant to the game as announcers are, it's really hard to tolerate bad commentators.

    I am looking at you Bob Brenly and Len Kasper.

    Extra clip is here.