WWE Rumors: Mick Foley Discusses a Possible Return on Twitter

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IAugust 23, 2011

WWE Hardcore Legend and four-time World Champion Mick Foley has gotten his fans talking once again after a Q-and-A session on Twitter.

First, one fan asked Foley why he thought WWE had scrapped the Anonymous General Manager angle without resolution.

Foley's response was: "I think the GM role was temporarily scrapped when Triple H returned. But the anonymous GM will get a HUGE pop some day!"

This led to many fans asking if the former WWE Champion was the GM, although these questions remained unanswered.

Another fan would ask if he could see himself having one final confrontation with The Undertaker. The answer came in the form of a possibly sarcastic remark. "Not likely, but I'm going to drop 50 lbs just in case I get the call."

Finally, someone asked who Foley felt he could have a great match with in WWE.

Realistically, Foley replied: "Not sure I can have a GREAT match with anyone, anymore, . But I think I could have a GOOD last match with several guys in