What If? Patrick Ewing's 1989-90 Season

David FunkCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Welcome to the fantasy basketball edition of What If? This is where I look back at a player's season before fantasy basketball became prominent in our society.

Today, we look back at New York Knicks Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing's 1988-89 season at the suggestion of Rad, who runs the Daddy Sports site. When he's not making videos of my favorite college football team losing in an EA sports game after posting a YouTube video highlight of them, he talks about a variety of sports because he's a great all-around sports fan (okay rad, you knew that was coming, buddy!).

Anyway, give his site a look. I'm using the default scoring for Sporting News and Yahoo! fantasy basketball games. So here's the scoring system for each:

SN Fantasy Basketball Default Scoring System:

Point Scored: 1 point each
Field Goal Missed: -0.5 points
Free Throw Missed: -0.5 points
Rebound: 1.5 points
Assists: 2 points
Steal: 2.5 points
Block Shot: 2.5 points
Turnover: -1 point
Triple Double: 10 points

Note: For those that are not familar with basketball, triple-double means reaching double digits in at least three of the following categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots.

Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball Default Scoring System:

Field Goal Attempt: -0.45 points
Field Goal Made: 1 point
Free Throw Attempt: -0.75 points
Free Throw Made: 1 point
Three-Point Shot Made: 3 points
Point Scored: 0.5 points
Rebound: 1.5 points
Assist: 2 points
Steal: 3 points
Turnover: -2 points
Blocked Shot: 3 points

Here's the SN scoring total for Patrick Ewing's 1989-90 season:

Points Scored: 2,347 = 2,347 points
Field Goals Missed: 751 = -375.5 points
Free Throw Missed: 146 = -73 points
Rebounds: 893 = 1,339.5 points
Assists: 182 = 364 points
Steals: 78 = 195 points
Blocked Shots: 327 = 817.5 points
Turnovers: 278 = -278 points
Triple Doubles: 0 = 0 points

Total SN Points: 4336.5 points
SN Points Per Game: 52.88

Here's the Yahoo! scoring total for Patrick Ewing's 1989-90 season:

Field Goal Attempts: 1,673 = -752.85 points
Field Goals Made: 922 = 922 points
Free Throw Attempts: 648 = -486 points
Free Throws Made: 502 = 502 points
Three-Point Shots Made: 1 = 3 points
Points Scored: 2,347 = 1,173.5 points
Rebounds: 893 = 1,339.5 points
Assists: 182 = 364 points
Steals: 78 = 234 points
Turnovers: 278 = -556 points
Blocked Shots: 327 = 981 points
Total Yahoo! Points: 3,724.15
Yahoo! Points Per Game: 45.42

Source: basketball-reference.com

This was probably Ewing's best season in his NBA career. He set a career high in points, blocked shots, and field goals made in the 1989-90 season. Ewing's season included 11 games of 40 or more points with a high of 51 against the Boston Celtics on March 24.

Ewing grabbed at least 20 rebounds in a game three times during the season with a high of 24 on November 29 against Golden State. Despite not having a triple-double on the season, Ewing had a double-double of points and rebounds in 50 of 82 games.

His best all-around game in the regular season may have been on January 7 at home against the Los Angeles Clippers. In that game, Ewing had 44 points, 22 rebounds, four assists, seven blocked shots, and two steals, as the Knicks won 110-109.

Ewing averaged 26.7 points per game, 10.2 rebounds per game, and 3.7 blocks per game during the regular season, as he helped the Knicks advance to the NBA Playoffs with a 45-37 record.

The Knicks won their first-round matchup against the Boston Celtics 3-2 before being eliminated by the eventual NBA Champion Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Ewing averaged 29.4 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 3.1 assists per game in the NBA Playoffs.

Even though Ewing didn't win an NBA Title in his career, he was one of the best centers in the game when he played. He averaged 21 points and 9.8 rebounds per game in his 17 seasons in the league. He earned Basketball Hall of Fame honors in 2008 in his first year of eligibility in which he was one of the best players in college and pro basketball history.

If anyone wants to suggest a past player, you may do so by commenting. I only ask that we try to keep it before 1995. Also, statistics are tougher to find in the early era of the game because they weren't tracked as well. Just something to keep in mind.

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