The 30 Absolute Worst Fans in Sports History

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The 30 Absolute Worst Fans in Sports History

Sports fans have a fairly simple job—show up and support your team.

Yet, somehow, some fans take their love of the game to new, and often unforgivable, heights. As far as I'm concerned, there's a giant invisible brick wall that extends to infinity between them and the players on the field, and that line should only be crossed if invited.  

But some fans seem to think they should be a part of the game. They heckle, throw anything they can get their hands on, punch each other, physically interfere with games, riot, phone in death threats, and if all else fails, sometimes they murder.

Unfortunately, a lot of these acts go unpunished, and when they do, it's not to my liking.  

I'm a big eye-for-an-eye type of guy, so in that spirit, I'll even offer how I would punish the following jackasses. 

The following is the 30 worst instances of fan behavior in the history of sports. 

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