Big Game Fishing for Beginners: Essential Things Needed

Jess KContributor IIIAugust 22, 2011

Big game fishing means exactly that. Your patience, tackle and strength, as well as your finances,will need to be big in every respect.

A good charter will set you and your buddies, family or colleagues back quite a few dollars, so never think that this sport can be done on the cheap. It demands the very best in equipment, technology, skills and know-how of your skipper and deckhands.

Locating the fishing areas is usually easy for those you will hire or fish with, but for you, it is vital to concentrate on keeping potentially goliath-sized fish hooked and eventually landed, or dutifully tagged and released. For the latter, keeping handy a water proof video camera, along with a tripod, will ensure someone captures those unforgettable fishing videos for posterity and your deserved glory.

Rods capable of lifting up hundreds of pounds of dynamic, streamlined fish, are as essential as heavy duty reels to hold the kilometers of heavy lines used in those epic battles.

Keeping the fish away from the propeller and side of the boat is vital, especially if you are new to the big game.

A good pair of gloves protects against blisters the white-knuckle pressure of gripping the rod for lengthy periods causes. During those times, the unforgiving punishment of the sun may also require you invest in quality sunglasses, hat and high factor sunblock.

The best fishing lures for big game fish should vary depending on your target species, so research in advance of your location and own a wide range of sizes, colors and models.

Almost all of the species you are after require a harnessed or chair rod mount, so ask whoever you will fish with if you will need to bring your own.