WWE History: Revisiting One of Eddie Guerrero's Classic Rivalries

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 23, 2011

Eddie Guerrero has left an incredible Hall of Fame career behind for all of his fans to cherish and reminisce.

Eddie Guerrero was an incredible talent; Eddie had the microphone skills, in-ring ability, charisma and emotion.

One thing a lot of other performers do not have and probably never will was the emotion factor.

When you watched Eddie Guerrero, it was like you could feel his pain, his anger, passion and happiness.

Although Eddie is no longer here with us, we can still look back and re-live great moments he has left for us (the fans) to enjoy.

Eddie Guerrero has had numerous battles & feuds that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Guerrero was one of those performers that gave his all in every single match he participated in.

In a personal favorite of mine, Eddie Guerrero put all of his energy and skill in a historic feud with villainous foe JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield).

The two Texans gave it their all in every match they had with one another, which created classic matches to remember.

John Bradshaw Layfield was receiving a big push to the top and was delivering as one of the top heels in the WWE at the time.

JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero made perfect sense; the powerful, money maker mogul versus the ultimate underdog.

This classic feud started after JBL interrupted Eddie’s match with Booker T (According to Wikipedia.com).

From there the feud would take off quick.

Eddie Guerrero was riding high as he finally fulfilled his dreams of becoming champion.

After years of being held back by veterans (Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash & others) in WCW, Eddie Guerrero would finally have his time to shine in the WWE.

Eddie would defeat the ruthless monster Brock Lesnar to become a first time WWE champion at No Way Out ’04.

But Eddie would meet his most difficult challenge yet as he would face JBL in a heated rivalry.

JBL would become the number one contender for the WWE title, as he was rewarded the, “Great American Award.”

The reward was created by then heel Smack-Down General Manager Kurt Angle.

JBL received the reward by hunting incoming illegal immigrants at the border between Texas & Mexico in his first promo as his new character JBL.

The rivalry would instantly become personal as JBL would cause Eddie’s mother to have a heart attack at a live house show by threatening and grabbing Mrs. Guerrero’s shoulder.

This would play a key factor leading into the two competitors match at Judgment Day.

JBL would look to use this to his advantage and would look to capitalize at Judgment Day 04.

But JBL would fall short as he would get the victory but not the WWE championship.

JBL would win the heated battle with Eddie Guerrero by disqualification (the title cannot change heads by DQ).

This would not stop John Bradshaw Layfield from attempting to capture the WWE title.

JBL would eventually capture the WWE title by defeating Eddie Guerrero in controversial fashion.

Eddie and JBL would battle in a classic Texas Bull Rope match at the Great American Bash.

In this style of match, both competitors are strapped together with a bull rope; the match ends when one of the competitors touches all four corners of the wrestling ring.

The controversy revolved around, who had touched the last turnbuckle to gain victory.

Eddie Guerrero’s victory would be reversed by heel Smack-Down General Manager Kurt Angle as the replayed showed JBL was the one who touched the last turnbuckle.

JBL was then named the new WWE championship.

The two would have an epic final encounter on Smack-Down in a steel cage match.

The bout was a back and forth war, as we almost witnessed Eddie reclaim the WWE title, but due to the assistance of Kurt Angle JBL would win the match.

Kurt Angle’s involvement would lead to a new feud with Eddie Guerrero.

Now that we (the fans) can relive moments like these, it reminds us exactly why we are fans and why we love this thing called sports entertainment.

We can also applaud JBL and especially Eddie Guerrero for the great moments they created.


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