Liverpool Transfer Rumours: 7 Deals They'd Love to Make Before Deadline

Bryan Kalbrosky@@BryanKalbroskyCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2011

Liverpool Transfer Rumours: 7 Deals They'd Love to Make Before Deadline

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    Liverpool FC is in a good position to sweep in and make deals strong enough for a 2011 title run.

    Of course, that type of persistence requires detailed planning and bold persuasive skills on the part of the front office. As the deadline nears, the new ownership team—spearheaded by the brilliant management of head coach Kenny Daglish—is looking to do just that. The second most successful club in English Premier League history, Liverpool is looking to regain serious contention for the 2011 title, which would be their first of the century.

    “Liverpool Legend” Steven Gerrard, last year’s captain of the squad, is aging, and injuries have kept him sidelined for much of the previous games. A potential signing could replace Gerrard as the captain if they’re able to find the right mix. 

    On August 31, all clubs in the English Premier League will have to have made up their mind about whom they wish to sign and whom they wish to let go of. Following a brilliant opening day performance from Luis Suarez, the football club could be working up a deal that brings him the right supporting cast that he needs.

    With former player Kenny Daglish as the coach, chemistry is a must for the football club. If the Reds can put together the right squad for the season, this could be the making of a strong season in the English Premier League. The club has already spent over £100 million in the offseason and has become one of the more interesting teams in the league for a playing candidate.

7. Sell Christian Poulsen

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    To clear caps for these players, Liverpool FC might be looking to get rid of Christian Poulsen. 

    Poulsen, who is now 31 years old, was one of the worst players to wear a Liverpool jersey last season. The Danish born center midfielder underperformed last season, and by the end of 2010, was lowered on the depth chart behind the likes of Shelvey and Spearing.

    Liverpool added two more midfielders as transfers this offseason, including Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adams. Poulsen has recognized that his services would not be needed in Liverpool, and he could be sold to FC Copenhagen by the August 31 deadline.

     For Liverpool, selling Poulsen would be a great way to start fresh and make room for some of the younger, more promising and more expensive roster additions.  

6. Hugo Rodellaga

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    Liverpool has recently been linked with the Wigan striker, which comes as a surprise to many because it’s hard to imagine him as a substitute. 

    Rodellega certainly has the talent and has proven himself for lower clubs, but seeing him contend with a team like Liverpool causes many to have their doubts. Regardless, his name has been linked with the football club, and only time will tell what kind of move the ownership is looking to make. 

    While there has yet to be an official offer on the table, if Liverpool is able to snag the striker for a cheap price, he could be a valuable asset and good find off of the bench.  

    The Colombian born striker, who could also play wing, has been playing well in the Premier League and would be a valuable asset at the right price. 

5. Kevin Doyle

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    Doyle is another name that has recently been linked to Liverpool.

    Recently, newspapers have reported that Kenny Daglish is considering a giant bid for Doyle that is rumored to be around £10 million.

    Doyle, who is the Wolves top striker, is an Irish forward that is 27 years old. The speculation is that Wolverhampton won’t let their top scorer go without a hefty price, but £10 million is certainly something to consider.

    Doyle would be a very expensive backup to Suarez, but that kind of support could be needed for a late season push at the title. There is no doubt in my mind that Doyle would score important goals when they mattered for Liverpool.

    He is a talented athlete and a very likable player to watch on the football field. Doyle was a top target for Liverpool last season, but the deal never fell through.

    While the Wolves boss Mike McCarty says that Doyle is not available, inking him to that lucrative contract is certainly a deal that Liverpool would love to make before the August 31 deadline.

4. Ryan Shawcross

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    The biggest news for Liverpool FC is involving Ryan Shawcross. Shawcross, 22, is a central defender and would play a pivotal role to whatever club eventually held on to his contract.

    According to, Liverpool is working on offering a £13 million offer to the young defender. Following Stoke City bringing in Matthew Upson and Jonathan Woodgate, fans have speculated that Shawcross is on the way out and could be the next big move for the Reds.

    Shawcross, who currently plays defense and acts as captain for Stoke City, has generated tons of buzz in recent weeks.

    This is not old news for his manager, Tony Pulis, who has been adamantly holding onto his star for the second year in a row. Last season, Shawcross was linked to multiple Premier League teams before Pulis dismissed these rumors entirely. This season, Pulis is attempting the same old song and dance as he has come out and said that, “There’s no way we sell Ryan. We have no need to sell him.”

    Regardless, Shawcross would be a great for Liverpool and would be a fine move if the club is able to convince him to take the money. While he might be expensive, he adds young talent to a defensive core that already yields the best goalie in the entire premier league.


3. Gary Cahill

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    The Reds were exposed in their season opener against Sunderland last Saturday, as the club seems to be notably thin at the centre-back position. 

    Jack Robinson has the left back position secured, and Daniel Agger is already one of the most elite defensive men in the league. While I like what I’ve seen and read about from Martin Kelly, his young age limits his potential to more of a substitute off the bench than anything else. 

    Liverpool looks to be one strong man in the middle of the defense away from being a force to be reckoned with on the defensive end of the ball. That’s why I think that Gary Cahill would be a perfect fit for the club. 

    It’s imperative for a team to be deep at the centre-back position, but the team might be already too deep with a roster that contained Agger, Carragher, Kelly, Kyrgiakos (who was just sold to Wolfsburg), Skrtel, Wilson and Wisdom. None of them, however, have the promise and immediate impact that Cahill could make. 

    Cahill has been an important player for Bolton, but looks to move to one of the more elite clubs. If Liverpool can make room for him, this could be the exact “elite club” that he’s looking for. 

    To get Cahill, Liverpool would probably need to send players (not an issue given their depth) and cash to Bolton, seeing as their asking price is something like £15 million. His ceiling and potential to help the team, however, may be worth the price.

2. Scott Dann

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    To piggyback on the idea of signing an elite centre-back, the most likely scenario would be for the club to sign Scott Dann.

    Recently, Dann has expressed great interest in signing with Liverpool, and as I suggested earlier, the Reds vehemently need a centre-back to bolster their defense.

    Dann continues the tradition of success for Liverpool, and acted as a star for Birmingham last season. Dann is a smart football player, and a very athletic individual.

    While he doesn’t continue the legacy of a vocal leader like Callagher, he could still be used as an example to improve a team that is lacking in defense. Dann is a smart smove, a likely move and more than anything, a safe move.

    His presence would help the club, he’s cheaper than Cahill and comes in as a fan of the Liverpool FC to begin with. He is a character player, was born in Liverpool and would be an excellent fit for the club.

1. Per Mertesacker

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    Do you want to hear something scary?

    How about the thought of a 6’6” German defender that also happens to be quick on his feet, smart with the ball and the menace of an elite defensive football player.

    Per Mertesacker is a really tempting purchase for the Liverpool FC, as the Reds are desperately lacking a quality centre-back. Mertesacker isn’t exactly an easy sign, however. reports that the club is pursuing the international athlete, and an aggressive signing could make Liverpool one of the better clubs in the English Premier League. Many Premier League teams have expressed interest in the defensive player, as he has expressed interest in new opportunities, and with the glaring hole for Liverpool at centre-back, this could be a very interesting move if it got done.

    If Liverpool can convince Mertesacker to not only move to the English Premier League, but also to pick their club over Arsenal, we could be in store for a wonderful stretch of winning seasons for fans that watch Liverpool.

    So long as Weder Bremen was willing to sell, Liverpool should be willing to buy, as Per Mertesacker could be the last piece of their puzzle.