NFL Week 11 Preview: Will The Titans Remain Undefeated? Can Ravens Upset Giants?

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer INovember 13, 2008


I'm not rational about this game right now (I'm also a little drunk...good think I wrote the rest of this article earlier today).

This game came down to four plays. A ridiculous pass interference call that should have been offensive PI, which led to a touchdown. A Ben Watson fumble, which was inexcusable. A bad snap, also inexcusable. And an insanely bad holding call on Mike Vrable.

And, of course, the stupid coin flip (NFL overtime rules...the most insanely stupid rules in all of professional sports).

Matt Cassel played the game of his life. I'll have more on this tomorrow after work. Like I said, I'm not rational right now. Plus, drunk. A little.


Matt Ryan gets to play against the worst defense in recent NFL history not from Detroit. It’s amazing. Coming into this season, had you told me the Broncos were playing the Falcons, I would have picked the Broncos to win by two touchdowns.

Now, I’m taking the Falcons to win by three touchdowns. My how the times have changed…


This is the type of game TV executives hate. You have Adrian Peterson and a ton of players nobody cares about. One marketable guy on either roster.

Peterson is unstoppable right now. Expect the Vikings to win in an extremely boring football game.


When the season started, this looked like the only easy game on the Giants’ second half schedule. Now, it looks like one of the tougher games on their second half schedule. Who knew?

That said, I can’t imagine the rookie, as good as he’s been, going into New York and beating the champs. I just don’t see it happening. It won’t be a blowout, but the Giants will win this one.


The Dolphins are about to be 6-4.

I mean, seriously. Even the biggest of homers in Miami thought 6 wins was a stretch…for the ENTIRE SEASON. This is a team that might make the playoffs. Good God.


I have officially given up on the Saints. They’re terrible, they are inconsistent, they can’t put two good weeks together, and I’m sick of expecting them to win.

Which means, of course, they’ll blow out the Chiefs


The race to 0-16 continues in Carolina.


Donovan McNabb can’t handle pressure. The guy just physically falls apart in close, big games. It’s a strange phenomenon.

Luckily for him, this is not a big game and nobody expects it to be close.


It’s really, really simple.

If Rex Grossman plays, the Packers win. If he doesn’t play, the Packers lose. Nothing else matters. You can break this one down any way you like. Anything other than “Is Rex playing?” is over-analysis.


Are the Colts back? They don’t look like the Colts, but they’re winning games again. Marvin Harrison certainly doesn’t look like Marvin Harrison. And I’m not entirely sure how that defense gets by week to week. But, they’re winning. And they get to play the Texans this week, who I no longer like after last week’s performance…


The movable object meeting the resistible force.


It’s passing-of-the-torch time in Seattle. For years the Seahawks have been trying to give away the NFC West, but nobody’s been willing to step up and take it from them. This season, the Cardinals look like they’re ready to snatch the pathetic NFC West from Seattle.

This weekend, they’ll snatch the NFC West, then beat the tar out of the former champions. Leaving them bloody and wondering why the heck their coach decided to come back for one last season…


The road to 16-0 continues in Jacksonville this weekend. OK, they’re not going to go 16-0. But they will go 10-0. Guarantee it.


Ben Roethlisberger has been hurting his team recently with his 1 TD, 8 INT injury plagued performance. His coach, however, is an absolute moron if he thinks practicing is going to help. Rest will help. Offseason surgery might help. But unnecessary reps in practice? Are you kidding me?

Big Ben still has enough in the tank to beat the hapless Chargers, who were a Herm Edwards brain fart away from falling apart defensively at the end of yet another game last week…


The Cowboys get Tony Romo back this week. It won’t be enough.

The ‘boys are terrible. Their coach is terrible. Their GM is terrible. Their owner is an ego-maniac. The environment in Dallas is a mess. This isn’t something that will be solved by one, slightly overrated returning quarterback.

The real question is, who will be their head coach when I write next week’s preview?


The Bills are officially done. D-O-N-E, done.

I thought they were for real. They’re not. I was wrong. You don’t come back from 0-3 in the division. Sorry Buffalo.


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