My All Embarrassment Team Head Coach

Janet KesslerCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Head Coach Avery Johnson.

Inherited a team a its peak.  Yes, he had a great winning percentage in regular play. 

But how great was it?

The Mavs were young, strong and ready to strike before he took the reigns.  Yes, he gave us defense.  Thank You.  

He became a liability in post season, by being out coached by other teams.

I want to refresh every ones memory.  This is my all time IRK on Avery.  In the '06-'07 season, the Mavs had locked up no.1 seed and coasting into playoffs(Championship teams should never coast).  Among the races for seeding in the West, was the race for eigth seed.  Between the Clippers whom the Mavs owned that season, and Golden State.

The Mavs still had to play each of these team, in the final weeks of regular play.  Avery decides to dress down Dirk and most of the starters, against Golden State.  Giving Nellie the win.  BIG mistake!  That win gave Golden State one win ahead of the Clippers.

When the Mavs played the Clippers, they played everyone.  They beat the stuffing out of the Clippers.  That lost would cost the Clippers eighth seed to Golden State.

My point is, Dallas should of lost to the Clippers and beaten Golden State.  Then they would of had the Clipper in the first round of the playoff.

That shows he's a poor strategist.

Now Avery's personnel skills.  I now from a personal source, that he lost the team after the Miami series.  He started tuning out the players and his assistants.  To the point they called the 'Little General' a 'Little Dictator'.

Avery never stopped being a point guard.  During most of his tenure, Dallas had no true point guard.  Assist were by committee, and they got by with it.

Avery gave Devon Harris the keys to the offense, at the beginning of the '07-'08 season.  But he never let him drive the car.

Then the Kidd trade happen.

Everyone knows How Kidd plays. He's an impresario.

Instead of running the floor on the break.  Kidd would have to walk the ball, and look to see what play Avery wanted.

Things got really bad by the end of last season.  A group of players went to Mark Cuban, to have him do something about Avery.  That something was for Avery to go, or the players would demand trades.

Now that Avery is gone.  He has left this team struggling to find themselves.

This is why I pick Avery Johnson to coach The All Embarrassment team.