WWE: CM Punk vs. Steve Austin at Wrestlemania XXVIII Must Happen

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 22, 2011

I am more than sure this has been said on the site before, but I feel like throwing my two cents into this pile. 

First off, everyone in wrestling knows who Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk are. They know their personalities both in real life and inside the ring. That is all people really need to know in order to think this match should happen. 

From their personalities alone this seems like a perfect match. A straight edge, sarcastic character vs. a beer drinking, hell raising, don't give a damn about anything character.

It makes sense.

Just adding the legacies behind these two individuals makes this dream match something the IWC and fans want to become a reality. These two have both stated openly that they want this match to happen and they believe it is something WWE should do.

The hype it would bring, the buys they would get from this match alone, and it would only add to the Cena vs. Rock match and Undertaker vs. whoever match. Right there WWE would have their big three main events and WWE will only have more great matches to add with the talents they have.

Most important about all of this is their chemistry. They have shown before with their Twitter wars and on RAW itself how well they mesh together. They feed off of each other so well and seeing them together itself is an incredible sight. It almost seems effortless for them.  

The thing about all of this is that WWE can easily make this happen. 

CM Punk right now is enthralled with the soap opera of who ordered his attack at Summerslam. The plan is to keep this going through the fall in order to compete somewhat with Monday Night Football.

When that is over there will be nothing for Punk. Going into December and into next year Punk has nothing much to do with WWE other than go after the title if he wishes. This is when he could start talking about how he is in the same position as Stone Cold once was.

But he is better than him.

With the way Punk is, he does not have to get drunk in order to do what he does best; wrestle. He can win titles without touching one drop of alcohol. He is better because he does not need the crowd behind him (even though they always will be) and most importantly he has changed the business and the way it runs today.

The way he did it was simply better in every way. He is the best wrestler there is and that means he is as good as, if not better than, Austin ever was.

Surprise appearance from Austin and he makes his way to the ring. He gets on the mic and tells Punk that he respects him and that he loves everything he has done for WWE for the past half year. 

He is making a big mistake by disrespecting Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He tells him he sees the similarities between the two in how they are company leaders, changing the company, and how they were treated by wrestling organizations when struggling to the top.

Austin states that if he wanted to he could come back to the company and continue opening up cans of whoop ass and taking names. He then tells Punk that he just might start tonight with Punk if he doesn't watch his mouth.

Punk tells him is not afraid of him. He does not intimidate him. He tells him that if there was ever a match between the two he would win hands done because of his age, superior wrestling skills and that Austin is broken down and old.

That only makes Austin madder and tells him if he would like to repeat that one more time for him.

He does.

Austin looks Punk dead in his eyes and tells him he just made the biggest mistake of his life and they go at it. It takes security to pull them apart.

This could happen around the time of the Royal Rumble and it could go from there. Punk would lose the Rumble because an appearance from Austin in the Rumble eliminates him or they end up eliminating each other.

This continues onward to the Elimination Chamber. To make it interesting, Triple H makes Austin the special guest referee. Austin would tell Punk that if he doesn't start anything, nothing will happen and he is going to call the match down the middle.

Punk would miss an opponent with a punch or a kick and accidentally hit Austin. He does not take too kindly to it and stuns CM Punk.

From there a match will be announced to settle it between the two. There will be a contract signing and there is the match.

How easy was that to think up?

The build-up was exciting, intense, and the fans, IWC, Austin and Punk themselves get the match they want. These two meeting at Wrestlemania will make the crowd go wild and be completely separated as to who will win and every moment will be a must-watch.

These two superstars are the two best WWE has ever had. To pit them against one another is not only a dream come true but a match made in heaven.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your thoughts are on the article, how I did and how this match should happen. Check out my other articles and comment on those as well! I appreciate all the feedback I can get.