What Cashman's Doing Wrong. Please Fire Him, Hank!

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Seriously, the guy can't seem to get it right. Brian Cashman has got the wrong idea about putting together a good roster.

What is the Yankees GM doing wrong? Well here's a list:

1. Going for an all-star lineup

Why do we need a group of all-stars? Big names does not get you a ring. When the Yankees won their championships in the 1990s they had some top-notch guys but not all of them were household names tossed around like A-Rod or Giambi. Especially the likes of Giambi, he's not as good as people talk him up to be. The Yankees had good all-around players like Chuck Knoblauch and Scott Brosius or even the likes of David Justice. Think about that for a second.


2. Chasing Big Bats

Really Brian? Are bats all you need? No! A great baseball team doesn't rely on power alone. Even in the batting order alone this is wrong, you have to get some speedsters for the small ball, a great team needs to be able to score without the home run. 

Pitching is also extremely important (obviously). It's hard to be a championship club with a mediocre middle-relief system, average starters and washed up pitchers.

Develop the young fresh guys or get some top-notch talent like C.C. Sabbathia or Johan Santana. Don't just think "Hey we need pitching, let's get Randy Johnson (in his 40s) and hope he delivers."

Johnson had a 4.5 ERA at the end of his NY stint. When you bring in someone to be your ace, you can't settle for that. Notice the Yankees champ staffs had the likes of David Cone, David Wells, and Andy Pettitte in their prime? Exactly.


3. Looking outside the farm system for everything

Come on Brian, we have some serious talent down there. Not only that, but even though Yankees fans don't want to think about it, Jeter isn't going to be around forever. You need to develop another good shortstop and mold him into that contact hitting leader type player.

Look at other teams in baseball and other sports that never brought someone in to prepare for the departure of their franchise stud. The A's couldn't replace Zito, Mulder, or Hudson and so their pitching staff suffered big time.

In the NFL the Dolphins didn't prepare for when Dan Marino left, and what happened? Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas and even more disappointments. The Green Bay Packers had the right idea with Aaron Rodgers though.

Then pitchers need to stay when we develop good ones, like Joba, Hughes and Edwar Ramirez, if you trade away prospects you can't touch into their potential and develop them.


Those are the big three problems the Yankees have, no team can be successful with those three problems going on constantly. Fire Brian Cashman, please!