WWE News: Young Bucks Turn Backstage Controversy into a Storyline

Al Constable@AlBleacherSenior Analyst IAugust 22, 2011

There was quite a hub-bub the other day when it was reported the tag team known as The Young Bucks (Formerly TNA's Generation ME) did not shake the hands of wrestling legends, such as Booker T, at their WWE tryout.

If this is true, then they have not made positive steps towards getting a WWE contract. It is important to show your respect to the men who came before you and made the opportunity possible.

Either way, the team that consists of Max and Nick Jackson currently wrestle for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla as the company's tag-team champions. During one of the company's regular shows, former PWG world champion Joey Ryan made statements about how Mark Henry scared him at SummerSlam and the disrespect shown by the Young Bucks by not shaking anyone's hands.

This brought out the PWG tag-team champions, which in turn caused the Kings of Wrestling to appear and challenge them for the titles.

Later that night, the titles were successfully defended.

There are two ways this could be playing out. First, perhaps the Young Bucks do not have a WWE contract after their tryout and are trying to make the best out of work their for PWG.

If this is the case, best of luck to them. PWG is a rising company that has its own small fanbase and has started to distribute DVDs of their major events. It would be worth sticking with them, as you never know how big they might become.

I would still suggest that they be careful not to burn bridges.

Pro wrestling is a fickle business and people take a lot of insults personally. If the Bucks still want to compete for WWE, then they need to work the angle sensibly. There have been worse insults to the company, and they have been willing to forgive, but keep doing it and they will tell you to forget it.

The other possibility is that, with the Kings of Wrestling supposedly signed by WWE, this was a further tryout by WWE to see if they can get tag-team feuds rolling again. If this is the case, then maybe there is hope for the WWE Tag Team Division after all.

Since they are the PWG tag-team champions, if they lose the belts, it could be a sign that they have been hired by WWE.