Pro Wrestling: 5 Reasons Matt Hardy Was Not as Good as You Think

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIIApril 9, 2017

Pro Wrestling: 5 Reasons Matt Hardy Was Not as Good as You Think

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    With the recent news that Matt Hardy was arrested for driving while intoxicated and his subsequent release from TNA, it made me start to wonder about the kind of legacy that he is leaving behind.  Yes, I said leaving behind because his best days, and I use that term carefully, are behind him.  

    Matt Hardy has to have been one of the most overhyped wrestlers of the last 20 years. For some reason, both he and his brother Jeff have earned fans across the world for their style of wrestling.  I never quite understood why so many people loved them, but I just never bought in to the hype.  

    These are my five reasons why he, and to an extent his brother, were not as good as people are making him out to be.

5. His Only Claim to Fame Were the TLC Matches

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    Hardy had been living off his reputation of the late 90s when he and Jeff used to participate in the famed TLC matches against the likes of the Dudleys and Edge and Christian. Outside of that, what has he done?  Not much. He has been mildly pushed to the higher ranks of singles wrestling, only to see it fizzle out and prove that he was not the type of singles wrestler that can carry a match. His best days were as a mid-carder and that is where he should have stayed.  

4. His Biggest Fans Were the Gothic, Teenage Girl Crowd

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    Look at this picture.  That screams teenage heartthrob. When his music would hit, either as a singles or a tag team with his brother, teenage girls everywhere would scream at the top of their lungs because is was the Hardy Boys! Not too many fans found the fishnets that he and Jeff wore that exciting and they did not do anything for most of the fans. Short of some of the highlight spots that they would do, including jumping off of ladders putting their body at risk, there wasn't much to like across the board. 

3. He Never Had the Look of a Wrestler

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    Look at the picture...this is not the physical look of a guy that can carry a brand or a company. By no means am I promoting the jacked-up muscular look, but I do expect that our wrestlers have the look of a pro, and not someone you would see down at the local armory.  

    Over the years, it was obvious that the physical condition of Matt Hardy wasn't a priority for him, as he really let himself go. I just hope that he doesn't go the route of Scott Hall and completely fall off the wagon.

2. He Never Got out of the Shadow of His Brother and Vice-Versa

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    Whenever there are brothers involved in a promotion, rarely does either one of them get to the top of the company for an extended period of time. Think about over the years, Arn and Ole Anderson, the Von Erichs, the Windhams, the Usos (this is a joke) and to an extent, Bret and Owen Hart. I know Bret was the champion for a while, but Owen didn't get to the top of the singles ladder before his tragic passing.

    Both Hardy siblings played off of each other, but neither one separated themselves and established a reputation for being a top singles wrestler. It seemed as they were wrestling as singles, you still waited for the other one to come out and save the day. That is not the way to establish yourself as a credible singles wrestler.  

1. He Just Wasn't a Personality

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    Unfortunately, this is a results-oriented business, much like the world of professional sports. If you can draw a reaction from the crowd, you have a good shot at making it in this business for an extended period of time. Hardy was never a great deliverer of the promo, and often times sounded as though he was just making up some things as he was speaking.  

    The Rock, Austin, Triple H all made strides because of their ability to talk on the mic. The Miz rocketed to stardom because he could get the crowd booing him in a heartbeat.  

    Matt Hardy did nothing on the mic, and it showed as over the years. He was limited more and more on the microphone, and rightfully so.  


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    First and foremost, I hope that whatever demons he is fighting get conquered and Matt lives a productive life. Right now wrestling shouldn't be an option for him, but treatment and mentoring need to be a priority. Is there a spot for Matt Hardy in a wrestling organization? I think so, maybe as a mentor to the younger guys and helping to develop the tag team division in an organization.

    As always, your comments and opinions are appreciated.