WWE Aspects Turned into Life Lessons: Momentum of Wrestlers

Joel BrandContributor IIAugust 21, 2011

What's up, Bleacher nation?!

It's been a long-time coming; I haven't written an article here since Christmas and I am ready to potentially release a series of articles if this one receives a positive response. So please leave your comments and hopefully we will be able to have good discussion about professional wrestling and life in general.

The series of articles I'd like to release are "WWE Aspects Turned into Life Lessons" and they would allow me to share with the Bleacher Report community things that I have learned from watching professional wrestling.  

I got the idea for writing these articles from the many people criticizing and questioning why I watch the WWE. These people have pointed to many negative messages that people might absorb into their subconscious when they watch Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown.

I have learned how to rebut their comments by showing and explaining to them life lessons that I have been taught by fully understanding what is going on in the business of wrestling.

The first segment will deal with momentum shifts of the wrestlers themselves. Each show has two hours to give any wrestler on their roster a promo, match or storyline that will further develop their character and credibility as a superstar. The company's goal is to use all of their resources to create an empire that provides them with the highest profit margin possible.

The company looks at the past, present and future when making decisions about who will get air-time on each show. They look back at what has worked in the past and who they have developed strongly that might be ready to take the next step toward stardom.  

They also look at the current landscape of the company and which wrestlers could be seamlessly plugged into the current vision. Finally, they look ahead to see who will be able to carry the company into a new era.

There are certain wrestlers that the higher-ups clearly favor, who thus receive multiple championships, and there are others who are given countless opportunities to prove that they are WWE material, even though they have clear flaws and red flags about them.

Whether we agree with these decisions or not, Vince McMahon has a strategy and mindset that has made his company very successful, spanning through many generations. We can argue with why he has had success, but we have our own flawed thoughts that are ignorant in certain aspects of the business. 

We all have had our favorite wrestlers receive a push. Then, out of nowhere, it appears that they have dropped off the face of the planet. We, as the IWC, love to jump to conclusions about why it happened, but the truth is that we don't know the whole story.  

There could be many reasons to why the momentum of a wrestler changes at the drop of a dime, but regardless, the WWE has decided that it would not be to the whole enterprise's best interest to have that specific wrestler gain a larger role in the company.

We complain that the writers are lazy or forgetful about what direction they are going and that opinion may be true or false, but the fact is that wrestlers will always be gaining and losing momentum and there will always be somebody who doesn't like it. But there are also aspects of and people in our own lives that have changes of momentum.

Some seasons of our life have more time devoted to exercise or work while certain relationships are put on the back-burner because we are hanging out with a different group of people. There will always be 24 hours in a day and we have to choose how we will spend all of the resources that we have been given, including time.

However, we have different objectives than the WWE. They have the goal to create as high of a profit as possible and that vision is evident in all they do.

Money may be the thing that you are focused on or there could be many other different hopes that you have. You may not know the objective that you live your life by, but your actions and where you pour your energy may tell you where your values are.  

If you spend a lot of your time with people, you are relationship-driven. If you spend your money on vacations, you are investing in experiences and memories. Most of us don't take a step back and reflect on what our hopes are for this life, and when we don't do that, we usually invest in areas that we actually don't care about.  

Now I'm not saying that we need to have everything we do be planned and in accordance with a written down list of hopes and dreams. And I'm not saying we should consciously schedule time with people to make sure that that friendship has enough momentum to satisfy our own expectations and hopes for that relationship, because that will not result in a true friendship.  

What I am saying is to think about how the WWE handles the momentum of the wrestler. Does the way they handle momentum work in the long run?  

Does your personality work best with structure or spontaneity? If you just go through the motions of life, will the results of your actions lead you to the "good life?" I can tell you that if the WWE didn't think about what they were doing and follow a plan, they would not be a company anymore and I would never have been able to learn this lesson like I did.

So bring on your comments. Do you like this combination of WWE and life lessons in a Bleacher Report article? Do you agree with me or do you see it differently?  

Thanks for reading my work and I hope to put out more articles in the future because I love hearing what you guys have to say about professional wrestling.  

Take it easy, Bleachers!