New York Giants: 3 Reasons Why They Are Having a Good Offseason

RJ McNamaraContributor IAugust 22, 2011

New York Giants: 3 Reasons Why They Are Having a Good Offseason

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    I know, I know, the Eagles have signed everyone and their mother this offseason.

    That doesn't necessarily translate to the Giants having a bad offseason.

    Let's not forget that the man pictured above brought New York its first Lombardi trophy since the first time Bill Parcells was a coach in New York. 

    Click through to see why the Giants offseason has helped the team rather than hurt them. 

3. The Return of Thunder and Lightning

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    The Giants re-signed Ahmad Bradshaw, ensuring that they will continue to have one of the best backfield dynamics in all of the NFL.

    Much like how the change-up is an important pitch for any power pitcher, the way the shifty Bradshaw complements the bruising down hill style of Brandon Jacobs can catch defenses off-guard.

    While this occasionally leads to some big runs, it more importantly sets up the little runs that keeps the chains moving. The Giants averaged 4.6 yards per rush, good enough for sixth in the NFL. Bringing back their leading rusher will pay huge dividends for the G-Men this year.

2. Changes Up Front

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    Seeing Shaun O'Hara and Rich Seubert go was not easy for any Giants fan. Everyone knows the integral role they played during the 2007 Super Bowl season. That being said, the Giants needed to get younger up front, while at the same time bringing in a player who could direct the offensive line with the same skill and precision as O'Hara had during is tenure at the Meadowlands.

    The Giants signed David Baas, former Rimington Award Winner (Best Center in College Football), and the best center available on the market.

    Additionally, they drafted James Brewer in the fourth round and signed four other young linemen.

    While signing offensive linemen is never as sexy as say a cornerback, or wide receiver, the signing of Baas will reap more benefit for the Giants than the glitzy signing of Vince Young will for the Eagles.

1. The Departure of Steve Smith

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    Sure, you may not agree with this one, but let's face it, Steve Smith was/is an aging wideout with a knee problem. Additionally, while he is talented, he will never be a true No. 1 receiver in this league.

    Hakeem Nicks, on the other hand, very well could be.

    The departure of Smith has opened the for for Nicks to get more balls thrown his way, as well as the other five receivers on the roster aged 25 or younger.

    Someone needs to step up, but Jerry Reese has provided these young guns the opportunity to go out and contribute, and I believe they will.