TNA Breaking News: Matt Hardy Released from Company

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 20, 2011

In somewhat of a shocker, TNA, Impact Wrestling, or whatever it is they would like to call themselves nowadays, has come to terms to release Matt Hardy from the company, this according to TMZ. Breaking news out of TMZ earlier today was that the former ECW Champion crashed into a tree in his home state of North Carolina, and was arrested for being allegedly under the influence.

In other words, Hardy was arrested for a DUI.

Hardy was already under suspension by TNA for multiple reasons, but it takes a lot for TNA to release a talent like young Matthew. He and his brother Jeff were asked to enter rehab a while back, and neither went with the idea.

Jeff was asked by TNA and WWE multiple times for his drug issues and he claimed he'd rather leave the company than go to rehab. And he did at one point leave WWE over such an issue.

Matt on the other hand has never really had issues with drugs or alcohol as much as Jeff. But, Matt has been known for being involved in some shady issues involving public drunkenness. A while back, he along with Shane Helms and Chris Jericho were involved in an incident all involving booze and both Helms and Jericho got arrested, while Hardy took off before cops could get on the scene to arrest him; he was never charged.

Hardy was never seriously punished for the event by WWE, who was his employer at the time. However, Helms really never recovered and Jericho went on to do very well.

Matt eventually left WWE and did some crazy things to get cut at that. It's doubtful WWE would ever take him back, and rightfully so after all he has done to hurt both the company and himself.

Jeff has a better chance to get back in WWE, seriously.

Matt has only been with TNA for a year or so, and that is stretching it. As a part of Immortal, you know, the faction that will protect jobs for everyone in it, he had some singles success. But, he was never a main player or one that was World Title material. He looked very good coming in, but dating back a few months ago, right as Jeff was suspended from TNA, Matt also took a downward spiral and never recovered.

One has to wonder why TNA let Hardy go over a DUI. It's a bit fishy that they would cut him over this after he really has kept his nose clean outside of YouTube videos.

Dixie Carter is famous for not wanting to release people, so obviously she saw this as a last straw and must have warned both of them that if anything else happened, they would be released.

Obviously something did happen, and Hardy was let go.

No word from the Hardy camp as of yet. But I'm sure something will come out on YouTube. If there is anything you need to know about Matt Hardy, he's predictable. I give it a day or two before a video is posted about this.

Hardy looks to now be blackballed from the two top companies in the United States. I'm sure an ROH invitation is also looking in doubt, so, I wouldn't be getting anyone's hopes up right now.

One has to wonder how Jeff will react to this, and if he will want to leave now that his brother is gone. Eh, it's not like he's doing anything, right?

If Hardy doesn't realize it by now, he has a problem that needs to be addressed and if/when it is, maybe big time companies will want to keep him on a roster. Until then, how can a company trust that he won't act the same, destructive way, making them look bad by his actions?

Share your thoughts on Matt Hardy below. Should TNA of let him go over a DUI, or should he have just been fined possibly?