5 of the Most Underrated Match Promos in WWE History

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IAugust 21, 2011

5 of the Most Underrated Match Promos in WWE History

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    A match promo can prove vital in the buildup of a match. Over the years, the WWE production team has provided us with countless great match promos.

    Recently, they gave us an epic video to recount the whole CM Punk, John Cena and Tripe H saga. These promos are played before the big matches at a pay-per-view event to refresh fans on the reasons the superstars are fighting.

    As a fun detraction from the normal analysis articles, I have compiled a list of five great underrated match promos.

    When using a term like underrated, I am referring to these promos not often receiving high praise. On this list there will be no Rock vs. Austin, no Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels and no WWE vs. The Alliance.

    Promos are great to watch, as they remind us of a certain period in wrestling. Be sure to comment if you know of an even greater match promo.

    Credit to Eric Wright, whose article 5 of the Worst Wrestling Promos Ever inspired me to write this article.

Edge vs. Randy Orton: Vengeance 2004

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    "One by one, you're all gonna fall!" - Edge. 

    From the middle of Evolution's reign on RAW, comes Randy Orton vs. Edge. They worked a great match at Vengeance 2004, as you would expect from these two superstars.

    This promo is great, as it highlights Evolution's dominance and singles out Edge as the resistance. Both men cut some great promos in the build-up to this match. 

    Months later we witnessed Randy Orton's premature rise to the top, as he defeated Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam 2004. This match served as a precursor for Orton's face turn, and later in the year Edge would turn heel.

    Since this match, Edge and Orton have feuded more than once and also formed Rated-RKO in late 2006. Their most recent feud culminated at Over the Limit 2010.

The Rock vs. Mankind: St Valentine's Day Massacre 1999

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    "You will never, and The Rock means never, hear The Rock say the words...I...quit." - The Rock.

    A classic feud from the middle of the Attitude Era. This last-man-standing match between The Rock and Mankind was the second last in a long feud. This heated rivalry was also The Rock's first as the WWE champion.

    This promo is fantastic, it ties in all of the noteworthy moments in the long feud and provides some hilarious quotes as well. Who will ever forget the empty arena match at Halftime Heat?

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg: WrestleMania XX

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    "I am begging you Mr. McMahon! At WrestleMania 20, give me Goldberg!" - Brock Lesnar.

    A truly underrated promo. Why? Well, every time this match is talked about, the discussion revolves around the unprofessionalism of both men during the match.

    Don't forget, this was considered a dream match at the time, hence the great build up. Stick Stone Cold Steve Austin in as the special referee, and we were guaranteed a show.

    Memorably, the Madison Square Garden crowd knew full well that both Lesnar and Goldberg were on their way out, and proceeded to boo them out of the building. Trust Stone Cold to bring the crowd back by stunning both their asses.

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels: Armageddon 2002

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    "I will cripple your ass!" - Triple H.

    One classic promo in a feud full of classic moments. This three-stages-of-hell match at Armageddon 2002 came one month after the first ever Elimination Chamber, in which Shawn Michaels won his first ever World Heavyweight Championship (fourth world title). 

    Both men were the best of friends outside the ring, making this feud even greater to watch. Shawn Michaels' return to the ring and resurgence of his career was a fantastic sight, and who would forget this match?

    No Armageddon promo is ever complete without "The End" from WWE's own music department. Triple H and Shawn Michaels left everything in the ring, in a cage match, a street fight and a ladder match, to entertain the fans.  

John Cena vs. Edge: Unforgiven 2006

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    "A match you've never had. A match I've never lost. Tables, Ladders, Chairs!" - Edge.

    Love him or hate him, John Cena can tell a story. Perhaps his most entertaining feud was with Edge, who has provided the fans with some classic matches over the years, like his TLC match with Cena at Unforgiven 2006.

    The early years of Edge's "Rated R Superstar" gimmick were great, with moments such as the re-branding of the WWE championship and the "Live Sex Celebration" (which garnered the highest ratings for RAW in years). 

    Of course, this was back in 2006, when Cena hadn't overcome every single challenge, at the time making this feud believable.

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