I Must Be Hallucinating and I Know Nothing About College Football

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I Must Be Hallucinating and I Know Nothing About College Football

While I don't claim to be the smartest guy in the world, most people seem to think I know a pretty good deal about college football.

As the years go on and as the game gets more and more exposure through Cable TV and the Internet, the less I actually seem to know. While I have been criticized before by people who seem to think I claim to be a guru or something, I have never typed or said those words in relating to me.

In fact, I am clueless according to the little commentary I actually see on TV, and people remind me all the time when I vote in polls or list my top 10 teams.

Here are things I say or write that prove I don't know what I'm talking about.

1) Florida isn't "special" and doesn't deserve to be ranked even the highest of the one-loss teams.

The college football I know doesn't have a playoff system—every week is a playoff. The special teams do special things like put together undefeated seasons, pull off miracle comebacks out of nowhere, and dominate weaker teams. This Gator team has failed on all of those counts and actually suffered one of the worst losses by any team all season long.

While many feel Wyoming beating Tennessee last week was "epic," think about this. This "awesome" Gator team, who people are calling the best in college football, were 24-point favorites and lost outright at home to Ole Miss. Toledo was only getting half that in their "stunner" at The Big House.

While fans are quick to mock other teams that do this, the Gators are applauded for rebounding. Early, late, whenever, that is a horrible loss and should not be discounted in any way because the Gators pounded Vandy or Kentucky. Every week is a playoff, and their loss was the worst of any one-loss team.

2) This USC defense isn't one of the best ever.

They are fast, and they are very good but they aren't one of the best ever. Maybe they have held teams to nice low point totals, but who even knows what effect the clock rules are having?

While great teams lose games from time to time, the "best" defenses don't get carved up and laid out on a plate like the Trojans' D did at Oregon State, ever. It just doesn't happen. TCU, in fact, is a better defense this year.

3) Boise or Utah could beat one of the big boys.

For those who haven't been watching, Boise did beat the big boys: They beat the Oregon Ducks on the road. While USC is celebrated for beating the Ducks and less, Boise's win somehow doesn't count. Utah went into Michigan and beat the Wolverines, and they've also beaten everyone else they've played.

It isn't easy to run the table, but the way most teams have absolutely abandoned defense, these two still know how to play it and can hang on the field with any team out there. The numbers don't lie.

4) Penn State deserves to be ranked second-highest of the one-loss teams.

Simple math—favored by the least on the road in an outright loss and lost by the least to a team with the second-best record of those who beat a one-loss team. An argument could be made for Oklahoma, but that game was at a neutral site, so I give the edge to PSU.

I know my lack of knowledge doesn't end here, but these are just a few examples that come to mind as I've been reading over Bleacher today. Maybe by next year I'll know even less.

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