WWE: Can Cody Rhodes Return the Prestige of the Intercontinental Championship?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIAugust 20, 2011


"This title means so much more."

"It means this guy is next in line."


Those were the words spoken by Cody Rhodes after he won the Intercontinental Championship.

He had received the title after defeating the former champion, Ezekiel Jackson.

The statement that Cody Rhodes made was out of pure respect.

He had watched as the Intercontinental Championship became devalued with each passing year in its existence.

He had watched as it went from the belt that made the next star, to a belt that was just given for decoration.

So when he won the belt, he had one intention in mind.

"I want to resurrect this title's image."

Cody Rhodes intends on bringing the Intercontinental Championship's prestige back, but can he do it?

To bring back prestige to a title, the championship holder needs to have a good reign.

Cody Rhodes is still in his premature stages of his reign so that part can't be judged.

But he does have the potential to have a good title reign, so I have hope for him still.

Then, there's also the factor of a championship's prestige being determined by the contenders to the belt.

Cody Rhodes's possible contenders seemingly appear to be stars such as Ted DiBiase, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett.

Subtract a few of those names since some of them seem to be focused on bigger things, and you get a small crop of worthy contenders.

But can Cody Rhodes make the title relevant with those contenders?

Can his reign help bring back prestige to the Intercontinental championship?

Only time will tell.