All Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers Team

Diana AllenCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

The fiercest rivalry in the history of the NBA is between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angles Lakers. They have matched up in the Finals more than any two teams at 11. They are the two most celebrated teams in the NBA. There have been 62 NBA Championships in the history of the NBA and the Celtics and the Lakers hold exactly half of those Championships (17 and 14, respectively).

NBA fans, aside from liking their favorite team, can be divided into one of two categories...Celtics fans or Lakers fans.  Debates have ensued about which is the better franchise, the Celtics or the Lakers. Who has had the overall best talent or who has had the best coach?

What if you could combine the two franchises? What if you could have Larry and Magic on the same team?  Here it is, the all Celtics-Lakers team. 

PG Magic Johnson

A player who could play any position on the floor.  A 6'9" floor general with his exceptional court vision changed the point guard position forever in the NBA.

SG Kobe Bryant

Debated to be one of the best players in NBA history with comparisons to "His Airness," Michael Jordan. One of the most clutch players in the history of the game.

SF Larry Bird

Dubbed the "Great White Hope" by a former teammate. Larry the legend epitomized what hard-work, natural talent, and insane competitiveness produced in a player.
PF Bill Russell
Russell won 11 championships and was the center of creating the Celtic Dynasty.

C Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

NBA's all-time leading scorer, and six-time MVP award winner. Abdul-Jabbar was so beloved by fans and NBA teams, he received standing ovations at every game of his last season (home and away) and received retirement gifts from every NBA team. 

Coach Red Auerbach

As a coach, he won nine NBA titles. As a GM and team president, he won an additional seven for a grand total of 16. 


PG Bob Cousey

One of the purest point guards ever seen in the NBA. 

SG Jerry West

Sharp shooter West holds the record for points averaged in a playoff series (46.3).

SF Paul Pierce

The six time All-Star was named the 2008 Finals MVP, and has been with the Celtics through thick and thin.

PF Kevin McHale

A seven time All-Star. McHale caused fits for opposing players on both ends of the court with his long arms and his ability to shoot from any angle (Kevin Garnett honorable mention).

C Shaq

The Diesel is one of the most dominant players in the game. Shaq's size 23 shoe doesn't compare in size to his personality on and off the court.

Assistant Coach Phil Jackson

Ties Red with nine NBA titles as a head coach. 

As a Jazz fan, it was somewhat painful to write an article about the greatness of the Lakers, but as a NBA fan I could not ignore that these two teams. The Celtics and the Lakers have made the NBA the success that it is today.


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