B/R Exclusive: Interview with Generation Me Aka the Young Bucks

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIAugust 20, 2011

While I was on "vacation" from B/R a few weeks back, I was able to grab an interview with the just released Max and Jeremy Buck of TNA, known as Generation Me. To the world, they are known as The Young Bucks. To my ever-growing surprise, these two have been in a heated war of words on twitter and a lot of it has to do with respect.

Just to throw this out there, these two were very respectful to me and probably two of the coolest guys with no real ego at all. So, maybe some wrestlers are reading too much into things. But, the interview was really cool to get and they were great. Neither held back!

As I said, I was able to get this interview just days after their TNA release. So, some questions and answers may be a victim of the timing. But, why wait, here is my interview with Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks.



When you two were coming up, who were your inspirations in the world or Pro-Wrestling?

Nick -" We grew up on Hulk Hogan. He was the one who got us into professional wrestling. Then a little after that, tag teams like the Rockers or Steiners. We loved watching tag matches which really is a big reason we always wanted to tag".


Matt- "Rockers all the way, and of course I was a huge Hulkamaniac. During my teenage years, which is longer ago than most people think, I got into the Hardys and Edge and Christian. Ring of Honor was also a big interest of mine in those years. 


It seems too many Wrestling Journalists that you two look a lot like a young Hardy Boyz team. What did you think about them and how was it working with them in TNA?

Nick- " We take it as a compliment because they're the most successful tag team ever in the business. So, for people to say that we remind them of a younger version, is always cool, even though we don't intentionally pattern anything off of them. They were awesome to be around. We got to wrestle Matt once and he was great to work with".

Matt -"They're both great dudes. One time, Jeff took like a dozen of us out to eat and secretly paid the bill. Just a very kind, generous man. Matt's also great, always a fun conversation. It was super cool to get to work him, at least one time. Hardys/Bucks HAS to happen one day. 


You both do some amazing stuff in the ring, some things that could be considered suicidal. Was there ever a move you just didn't want to do?


Nick- "Thanks, we appreciate that. There is one move that I would never try, and that is the shooting star press. I'm scared to death of that move. haha!"

Matt- "I'm not scared of really anything during the match, which might not be a good thing. The most frightened I've ever been was, while we prepared for one of the Ultimate X matches, we all decided to climb to the top of the trusts. I've never been so scared in my entire life."


Ever sustained any injuries?

Nick-" My worst injuries have been concussions. Those scare the crap out of me and I am glad companies are being more strict on head shots. Every blow to the head is very dangerous to our brains and we all gotta work together and change certain moves to the head".

Matt - "I've had a broken rib, which I had to wrestle with for a month long in Japan, a broken leg and some small neck injuries. Concussions are definitely the scariest, as I've been there each time Nick suffered one."


You two have wrestled a lot throughout the US. Is there a country you want to wrestle in that you haven't gotten to yet?

Matt- "We want to leave our footprints everywhere, so if there is a new place to wrestle and the opportunity is right, we most definitely are interested. We've had a ton of matches in Japan, but haven't been back in over two years, so it'd be awesome to go back, now that we've matured so much more as performers."


What is the best place you ever wrestled?

Nick- "Nothing like wrestling in Reseda, CA for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla." 

Matt- "Reseda is like magic. There is something in the water. Also, just recently, wrestling at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. It was almost like a reminder that we 'still had it.' The streamers, and the "Welcome Back" chants weren't a bad touch either. 

What do you think of the Pro-Wrestling product today?

Nick- "To be honest with you, I don't even watch main stream wrestling. I think it's because, if I did, all I would do is complain about what I think is right or wrong, so I don't even waste my time. What I do watch is indy wrestling, because I love wrestling and not the corny story lines or 20 minute opening segments you see every week."

Matt -"Unfortunately, it's tough not to be jaded once you've been in this business for a long time. I watch, when I find the time. Weirdly, I REALLY enjoy bad wrestling. It's SO entertaining."


What was it like wrestling each other in TNA?

Nick-"Breaking us up was not a smart idea but wrestling each other on national TV was awesome. It was definitely a dream of ours, wrestling each other. I thought our feud was finally starting to pick up, but soon after that, they pulled the plug on the angle".

Matt- "One of the major highlights of our run there. Not a lot of people can say that they went from wrestling their brother in the backyard to national television. I remember the match being a "curtain-sellout," which in our business means, everyone in the back was watching. 


How did "Generation Me" come to be in TNA?

Matt- "We did the try-out match, which the Motor City Machine Guns helped us get, blew everyone away, and were offered deals on the spot. At the time, it felt like a dream come true. Shorty after, we signed contracts. About a week before our initial start date, we received a forwarded e-mail from Vince Russo that read, "Tell them their new name is GenMe. Have them wear something similar to the Hardy's, but different. Peace, Vince." That was LITERALLY all we got. So, we tried our best with the little info we received, went and bought some outfits and presented them to the creative team. They picked the one they liked best, which they eventually admitted to not liking, and told us to cut our hair. They asked us to think of some ring names to use, which we never had the chance to do. We found out our new names were Max & Jeremy, as we watched our iMPACT debut match, along with the rest of the world. The last name "Buck" would eventually be given to us later, paying homage to our original tag team name, "The Young Bucks," - which is what EVERYONE called us offscreen."


What was the real reason for leaving TNA?

Matt- "Various reasons, really. Mainly, because we felt like we weren't making the money we deserved we should be making. We had no guarantee, and no way to budget because bookings were so inconsistent. There'd be times when it was Thursday or Friday and I wasn't sure if I was going to be catching a flight on a Sunday night. When the money was good, it was great. When it was bad, it was terrible. We're too young and too hungry to sit at home and wait for a phone call, ya know? It was more about the way we weren't being used and not the way we were used, although we certainly don't agree with how they used us either. Splitting us was just not a smart move, and never running a program with Beer Money is big mistake in my opinion. Truth is, we are the easiest going guys in the world that will do anything for anyone, so it really takes A LOT of wrong doing to make us upset enough to quit, especially considering neither of us have ever quit ANYTHING in our lives."



Is there a favorite match you two have had thus far in your career, if so what would it be?

Nick- "From TNA, I'd have to say our match with the Guns at Bound For Glory. My favorite from PWG might possibly be a Three Way Guerrilla Warfare match we had with the Cutler Brothers, El Generico and Paul London".

Matt- "We had so many matches on the road with the Guns that people will, unfortunately, never see. Those were probably my favorites. Also, a bunch of matches we had against our buddies, the Cutler Brothers."



I'm sure you knew this was coming. Do you think you'll be going to WWE this year? Have you been called by anyone from there about coming in yet?

Nick- "No one has reached out to me or Matt from there just yet. I don't love traveling and I love being home, so I don't know if I personally, could live on the road like most of those guys do. I have so much respect for everyone on that roster, simply because of their travel schedule. I guess, never say never though."

Matt- "Wrestling there was always our dream, but our lives are now so different. I guess I'll never count it out completely. Only time will tell. Furthermore, there's so many other things we want to do. So many goals to be reached. We'll never stop learning."


You both are two of the best young tag team performers in the world, what do you think about the state of tag team wrestling?

Nick- "Mainstream tag team wrestling seemed to be coming back with TNA when we first signed with the company. If you remember, Beer Money and the Guns were tearing it up every week as well as us and the Guns. The WWE seems to not care about the tag team aspect of wrestling which I think is the best, most exciting thing in wrestling. There's no action like that, in any other type of match, in my opionion. Ring Of Honor is where tag team wrestling is probably the hottest in the US."

Matt-"It's a lost art. Back in the 70's and 80's, tag wrestling was the hot ticket and a lot of times, the main event. I too, prefer tag team wrestling because it's so fast and unique. No down time. Always action. I can only hope and try my best to contribute."


Do either of you think you'd work in a separate company than one another?


Nick- "I dont think that'll ever happen to be honest with ya, haha. I think we're a package type deal.

Matt-"Nope. I'd die out there alone. We kind of do our own thing. Not to say that we are antisocial or anything, but the two of us, after shows at least, just do our own thing. We're not the party types, so we go to work, get food, call back to our hotel, and call our wives. That's a wrap. During the shows, we've got a ton of friends. We've earned a lot of the boys trust, both in and out of the ring, so we've noticed they they confide things in us. Things that they probably normally wouldn't confide to others. 


I've noticed that each of you possess different skills in the ring. What do you each of you feel your strong points are in the ring?

Nick- "I think my strong areas in the ring have to be for "hot tags." I have a unique come back. I think Matts the better wrestler and I am the better high flyer."

Matt- "Nicks got this fire in him like no one else. I've never seen someone with a better comeback. And I'm good at gaining sympathy and usually do most of the talking. Together, we hide our flaws and expose our strengths. Also, I usually take the scarier moves."



Lastly, when all is said and done in your careers, how do you both want to be remembered?

Nick-"I would like to be remembered as a tag team who always gave the fans more bang for their buck, no pun intended. Also, possibly a good group of guys who never let the business change us and we're a light in a dark area to people".

Matt- "Two guys that gave something memorable to the business. Two guys that you'd NEVER have a problem working with. Two guys that usually always stole the show, or tried their best to do so. Two guys that never took the business too serious, and when people think back about us, I hope we bring a smile to their face."


You can book the Young Bucks by contacting Highriskwrestlin@aol.com
Twitter: @MattJackson13 @NickJacksonYB


Both Matt and Nick were great interviewees, I enjoyed this interview more than most and they are very cool, nice guys. Any place they go to will be lucky to have them, whether it be PWG, WWE, ROH, or what have you. Thanks to both for taking the time out to do the interview.

But B/R readers, I'm sure the Bucks would love to know where you think they should go. Should we see them in the Indy scene a lot, a place like ROH, or the WWE? Leave your comments below!


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