Lyoto Machida Has No Regrets in Asking for 'Anderson Silva Money'

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2011

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While he might of missed the opportunity to potentially challenge for the light heavyweight title again, Lyoto Machida had no regrets in asking for a bigger paycheck prior to his potential rematch with Rashad Evans.

In an interview with Terra Esportes, via, Machida explained his actions in asking for "Anderson Silva money" and was not apologetic, citing no reasons to feel guilty. 

"I ask forgiveness for the misunderstanding, but not for what I've done, because I was not wrong," Machida said.

"The Dragon", who rebounded from a two-fight losing skid with a knockout win over Randy Couture at UFC 129, said he did not initially accept the bout and did not have a training camp set up in order to properly prepare himself. In fact, Machida said he was only training to keep in shape.

Machida said he had negotiated compensation in case he lost because he felt there was more risk than reward to compete on such a short notice. 

"I only asked for the type of money that would guarantee me tranquility for a certain time, because if I were to lose it would put me on the back of the line of candidates for the title," he explained. 

"Aside from also being potentially injured, Rashad (Evans) is not just ‘any' type of fighter."

Ultimately, Machida's proposition was denied by the UFC and Tito Ortiz agreed to step in and face Evans at UFC 133

The idea of asking for more incentive makes sense on Machida's part, but due to major time constraints, the UFC was forced to restructure and seek a replacement immediately.

The end result worked out for both parties and UFC president Dana White has since reaffirmed his stance on Machida and will not condemn the Brazilian for his camp's actions.

It is a common occurrence to negotiate for more money prior to a bout, especially on short notice, but the way Machida's management handled the situation must have rubbed White the wrong way.

Regardless, the UFC found a solution and there is more closure to this story.