Why Samoa Joe Should Go to the WWE

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 19, 2011

If you were a talented pro-wrestling performer and you had the opportunity to compete on the highest level, would you?

I would hope so. Why would you enter into a competitive field you love, not to live out your full potential?

All athletes and performers compete to be the very best and push themselves to their limits and beyond.

Especially in the world of sports entertainment.

Now that the WWE has been the top company in the world of pro wrestling for years, up-and-coming prospects dream of one day competing on the WWE level.

Even if you do not achieve your goal and your own achievements, you have set the goal for yourself in the WWE. If you do so, at the end of the day you can say you gave it your best and tried!

TNA Impact Wrestling is a whole different story now.

There is a mixed reaction: Some fans cheer and appreciate the diligent improvement effort of Impact Wrestling, while others, no matter what happens, cannot connect with the product one bit.

Although Impact Wrestling looks to continue to grow as a brand and strengthen its viewership, some long-time pro-wrestling fans still can’t understand some of the brand's moves.

Some consider Impact Wrestling to be the second-best promotion in the United States, while others don’t even consider the brand anywhere near that level.

So, this has some fans wondering why would one would continue to perform for TNA, a second-rate company.

A lot of fans would jump the gun and say, “They're better off in TNA; they will just get buried and misused in the WWE!”

But how can we say that when we can’t predict the future? We can only guess.

Yes, Kazarian attempted to pursue a career in the WWE, but after a string of wins and an upcoming push, the talented competitor decided to ask for his release.

Kazarian decided to return to TNA Wrestling after he had realized that the WWE had no interest in revamping its cruiserweight division.

But was he exactly buried?

No. He was making a decent splash following his debut in the WWE.

We also have seen other performers like Kaval, aka Low ki, aka Senshi, attempt careers in the WWE. Kayal won the second season of WWE NXT, but after doing much of nothing but jobbing, the WWE decided to let the talented wrestler go after he asked for his release.

We have also seen the former partner of Beer Money member James Storm, Wildcat Chris Harris, in a failed attempt at WWE stardom.

Harris would debut in the WWE under the name Branden Walker on a 2008 episode of ECW.

But Harris showed up heavier than he was in his days in TNA.

Harris would eventually end up being released from the WWE, as well.

As stated above, these guys tried!

But now that the WWE is starting to make changes in their programming, maybe we could see guys like Samoa Joe or even Beer Money make it in the WWE and become huge stars.

Samoa Joe started off in TNA Wrestling as an unstoppable force, taking down the X-Division one by one.

But, as of late, Joe has been treading water as he falls in dead last in the Bound for Glory series, with -10 points.

Joe went from a top star to almost a joke.

This happens in a lot of wrestlers' careers and can possibly lead to a turnaround or comeback of some sort.

But, could this push Joe toward wanting to jump ship to the WWE?

Joe is a very unique talent as his body does not reflect his hard work and incredible abilities displayed in the ring.

Joe is a fast, hard-hitting performer, and he can deliver on the microphone, all of which are key attributes that the WWE would be interested in, right?

Well, you would hope so as the WWE should want nothing but the best performers.

But some say, "Well, his size will be his downfall in the WWE.”

Well, if you look at Umaga (R.I.P.) before his passing, you could easily compare the styles of the two hard-hitting Samoans.

Umaga was making big strides; he had a nice feud with fellow WWE superstar John Cena.

It looked as though Umaga was receiving a big push before his release as he had violated the WWE’s wellness policy for a second time and refused to enter rehab.

So why can’t Samoa Joe make a similar “Impact!”?

As the WWE looks to continue to grow by adding new talent to their roster, you have to think that they are seeking talents from TNA Wrestling, as well.

But why can’t TNA Impact Wrestling expand?

See, I am a pro-wrestling fan altogether, and if two companies can successfully grow and produce great action, the more we (the fans) benefit.

Yes, the title is, “Why Samoa Joe should go to WWE,” but if Impact Wrestling can produce great action, Joe can make a nice turnaround and help TNA grow.

We see all these reports saying TNA Impact Wrestling is in trouble and so on, but something must be really good about that place for talents like Sting and AJ styles to want to stay, especially with continuous reports of low morale in the organization.

If it is that bad of an organization, why do performers keep re-signing when their contracts are up?

Yeah it’s easy to say, “Well, maybe they know they won’t make it in WWE.”

But once again, how will they know if they don’t try? A certain performer's outcome might not be the same as those of other competitors who have tried before.

Some just get big breaks, while others have to move on.

This is the world of sports entertainment, a world we may not understand sometimes but, at the end of the day, something we all love and enjoy!


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