WWE: 10 Wrestlers You'd Love to Grab a Drink with

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IAugust 19, 2011

WWE: 10 Wrestlers You'd Love to Grab a Drink with

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    This past week I have been on vacation in Florida, a state where a lot of the best professional wrestlers in the world have wrestled.  Any prayers that I had of running into a pro wrestler have gone unanswered. Not only is WWE on the other side of the country, but also TNA is on tour and not in the Impact Zone at Universal Studios. Not even FCW, who is centered in nearby Tampa, is at home. They are touring around in other areas of the state.

    It isn’t simply that I wanted to watch these promotions live in Florida, but I also dreamed of going to a bar and running into a pro wrestler that I knew. Just imagine going to a local bar and running into one of your favorite superstars and knocking back a few.

    The stories that would come out would be epic. The adventures that would happen would be once-in-a-lifetime. It would honestly be a great day for any wrestling fan within the drinking age. So if you could choose the superstar to drink with, who would it be? Here are 10 names that I would love to see on the bar stool next to me.

    I’ll just warn you guys right now that some of these choices are about as random as they get. Keep in mind that these are my choices for people I would want to drink with. I’m sure you guys have other choices, so feel free to suggest yours in the comments section.

10) CM Punk

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    I know, I know. CM Punk doesn’t drink. His straightedge lifestyle would make him the absolute last person that you would expect to see at a bar. However, Punk is still a sociable guy and wouldn’t have to drink when at the bar. His charisma and funny stories would make for a great night all by itself.

    Punk is not a judgmental straightedge guy, but he is also increasingly more well known now that he has made headlines with his shoot promos.  People that are unaware of his lifestyle would offer free drinks to him. That just means more drinks for you.

9) Randy Orton

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    Orton has been knee-deep in controversial moments for a lot of his career. That’s all what you have heard. Just imagine what you haven’t heard. Orton may be a cold Viper on television, but in a bar atmosphere after a few drinks, Orton could probably loosen up and the real fun would begin.

    Stories could come out that would absolutely shock you. On the opposite end, he could reveal the truth about some of the great urban legends about his attitude. Your night of drinking with the World Heavyweight Champion could clear his name.

8) Seth Rollins

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    Down in Florida, you’ll mostly not see many WWE superstars. The stars of Florida Championship Wrestling, however, are down there all year long. I doubt that many of us could pick out most of the FCW roster from a police line-up, let alone a bar. The most noteworthy name right now in FCW is Seth Rollins, known by many as Tyler Black from his days in Ring of Honor.

    Running into a guy like Rollins, who has been dominant in FCW for the past six months as the FCW 15 Champion, would be a situation of meeting a guy before he became a superstar in WWE. Even though Rollins isn’t exactly a diamond in the rough, you get the ability of knowing someone before they are all over pay-per-views and become a household name.

7) Big Show

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    Sure, it sounds stupid. Big Show is a very cool guy, though. Seeing him at a bar, people are going to annoy him for his incredible size. Get some of those people away from him and he will appreciate it. Big Show is a very nice guy and an even nicer guy to have on your side.

6) Hornswoggle

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    Call me crazy, but this little guy will do wonders for you. He may play a small leprechaun on television, but he really is just a little person that is actually grown up. He isn’t drinking just root beer if you see him at a bar. Hornswoggle can be a great icebreaker at a bar. Everyone loves a drunk leprechaun.

5) Dolph Ziggler

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    Ziggler just has that attitude about him that would make him a nice drinking buddy. Billed from Hollywood, Florida, Ziggler is aware of the bar scene down in Florida. His younger brother is also known as Briley Pierce down in FCW. Together, the Nemeth brothers can have a great night and turn your night into "perfection."

4) Zack Ryder

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    This was a pretty obvious choice for the list. Ryder may not own Long Island, but he can definitely have a fun time. Run into Ryder, buy some Bud Light Limes, find Big O and get ready to fist pump. WWWYKI.

3) John Cena

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    Cena is a big guy and is known by a lot of people nowadays. Sure, he may not be known as a wrestler or as a movie star. For those not aware of him, he is a big guy that is very personable. Also, the ladies seem to think that he is attractive. Cena can be the ultimate wingman for you.

    If you are fearful that Cena will steal your girl away, don’t worry about that. I hear he likes bigger girls.

2) the Rock

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    The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment is well-known by many people. The Rock is a star across the world as both a movie star and a figment of many people’s childhoods. Even if you ask your grandmother who The Rock is, she will probably know who you are talking about. Needless to say, any friend of The Rock’s is going to be good to go for that night.

1) "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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    Was there any actual doubt? Austin is so prone to drinking that he does it in the ring, backstage and pretty much anywhere else that he is seen. Even though he probably does a lot of his drinking now on his Broken Skull Ranch, Austin would never pass up a drink at a local watering hole. I dare anyone to try and out-drink Austin.

    The brash attitude that Austin has in real life would probably make him standoffish at first, but if you presented yourself the right way, you could be having “Steveweisers” all night long with a true legend.


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