Forget the Flops—Play Some Ball

king KaneContributor INovember 12, 2008

With Manu Ginobili out for the beginning of the season we, the fans, have been spared his production of flopping and "poor me" fouls. However everyone else is taking a page out of his book.

It seems like it all started a few season ago, but last seasons playoff round was more than I could handle. The stepping in front of someone to take a charge and the whining to the referees when they miss a lay up has consumed the game.

And has gotten out of control!

How about you suck up the missed shot and play some D. These days "All-Stars" can't stand to get touched while shooting or miss a shot without receving a foul. They make a big ordeal over nothing.

Maybe they should go back to the basics. Back to training camp. Have the coach write really big on the board, "When the ball hits the rim and doesn't go in that is not considered a foul."

The one that is becoming a regular play book addition is to step in front of a lay up and take a charge. 

When did playing defense become a back up strategy?

Another poor excuse for coaching is the "hack-a-Shaq." Is Popovich that timid to play defense that he has to resort to Bush-league coaching. I do feel that the Spurs have made a name for themselves as one of the dirtiest teams in the NBA. All the while they complain about every call. 

The worse part is that the referees are going along with it. Not doing anything to deter it. If you fall because you intentionally stepped in front of a moving offensive player, it serves you right and a foul should be called on you.

I would like to see some basketball being played and less drama queens running around the court worrying about their shoes getting scuffed. 

Maybe this season we will see less productions on the court and more basketball.