Why The Mavericks Are Losing Right Now?

kirk lockhartCorrespondent INovember 12, 2008


It is not easy being a Dallas Mavericks fan mainly because of The 2006-2007 Season.
We had the Best Record in the League by far! And we failed to close the show against the Miami Heat.
The Mavs have not been as consistant as that team was and lightning rarely strikes the same mark twice?
So I can honestly agree with most critics on our shortcomings.
Today I only want to comment on the early season Standings.
The Mavs sit 5 games out of First Place behind such Contenders as the Lakers, Jazz, Suns, Rockets, and Hornets !
The next tier of teams are No better than Dallas.
With 75 games left I am willing to bet that the Mavs will improve.
The close loss to the Lakers was a sign that they are improving, and the recent losses can be easily accepted as poor chemistry due to no solid rotation.
Carlisle has yet to figure out who can be trusted to give 100% for more than one quarter..?

The Starters are playing just OK!

Our Center position is the weakest link right now.

Nobody has to defend them and we cannot stop any Post Players!

As evidenced by Yao,Artest,Ilgauskas,Jefferson,Camby,Thorton, Kaman,NeNe,Duncan,Gasol,Bynum,Ariza, and Odom!

Damp has only one Double-Double.

Play Bass More,but make him ACTIVE on Offense to offset his lack of defense.

Dirk has played exceptional, but he has faded in the clutch so far.

Jet Terry has been very aggressive at times,but can't hit the side of a barn with a tractor in Back to back games right now!
Josh is Great early and invisible in  late game situations.(Injured right Now)
Everyone's shooting percentage sucks except young Gerald Green?

Jason Kidd looks Good right now, but has no Backup.
I really want to blame the New Coaching staff,but the players are straight up clanking shots and playing soft.
We still look lost at the Point when Kidd sits...and that has to change if we hope to get back on track!
My Suggestion:
Script a Game Plan that focuses on Points in the paint!
In the Half Court:
Post Up Bass!
Stackhouse should Drive and abandon the forced jump shots that do not result in shooting fouls.
Our Centers demand no respect when on Offense?
Advantage goes to our opponent.
Tell Damp to stop shooting Hooks and to just Dunk!
Lob the Ball to Diop for Dunks!
Post up Shawne Williams against Smaller Forwards.
Drive Weight to the rim like he did at Texas A&M!
Less 3 point shots...more Trips to the line?
Good Things Happen when you attack the Rim.
Our Rebounds will go up as well as our shooting percentage.
More trips to the Charity stripe.
We have to make teams respect us inside!

We looked Better against the Lakers but every other game looks OK?

Consistency of Effort will have to begin soon

If we follow this suggestions ...we will win.