Why Anderson Silva Will Stay Undefeated in the UFC

Kevin DakddukContributor IIIAugust 18, 2011

Why Anderson Silva Will Stay Undefeated in the UFC

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    It seems lately that people keep talking about all of the fighters most likely to beat Anderson Silva and why.  Well, I am here to offer a different perspective.  Now there are plenty of fights that fans would love see happen before Silva brings his career to a close such as a fight with Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre or with Light Heavyweight Champion Jon "Bones" Jones.  The following is a list of reasons why Anderson Silva will stay undefeated until he retires. 


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    This is one of the best skills Anderson possesses as a professional fighter.  Not only is he extremely accurate, he has something that makes him virtually unstoppable, timing.  Watch his fights particularly since he has been in the UFC.  He circles around the Octagon for the first few minutes of a fight and gauges his opponent's timing. 

    Then what happens next?  His hands drop to his sides and it is for the most part over and done with at that point.  Watch his fights with Forrest Griffin, Demian Maia, Vitor Belfort; the list goes on and on.


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    Anderson Silva has one of the most dangerous clinch games in all of the UFC.  If you don’t believe that then ask Rich Franklin, who was dominated by knees from Silva, while locked in a clinch.  Not only that, but Rich also had his nose broken twice by the same technique in both fights.  It would seem the once Silva has a hold of you it is very hard, if not impossible to get out of.


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    Anderson is extremely fast on his feet.  He can hit you and be back out of your reach before you can throw a punch.  He can be extremely elusive being hard to hit on the ground as well.  When he fought Vitor Belfort he was taken down briefly in the first round and as Vitor swung a huge right at the head of Anderson, on the ground he was able to move out of the way of danger.  When he fought Forrest Griffin he had his hands down at his side yet again and embarrassed the original Ultimate Fighter winner by knocking him out after dodging almost every shot thrown at him.

Counter Striking

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    This is where Silva may stand alone in all of the UFC.  I don’t know if there is any fighter in the company past or present who is a better counter striker.  Joe Rogan on several occasions has referred to Anderson as “a modern day Bruce Lee”.  Now some may think it is a stretch to compare him to probably the greatest martial artist to ever live, but Bruce Lee invented Jeet Kune Do and it’s literal meaning in English is “Way of the Intercepting Fist”. 

    Anderson seems to fall into this category on occasion as he does not always wait for a punch to miss or be blocked before he strikes back, he can intercept the strikes of his opponents.  Watch his fights and you will see what I am talking about.

Ground Game

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    The Spider has an extremely dangerous guard and ground game as he has demonstrated multiple times in the UFC.  Take a look at what happened to Travis Lutter who had full mount on Silva and was reigning down punches on him.  Silva countered in spectacular fashion and rose to his feet while Lutter was left on the ground with a look of disbelief.  Anderson went on to win by submission.

    Take a look at Chael Sonnen, who as the entire mixed martial arts world knows by now is the man who has come the closest to defeating the current middleweight champion.  Now there are plenty of excuses floating around for both fighters on this one however, Silva again demonstrated why opponents should fear his guard.  While Chael was on top of Silva pounding away it took one quick elbow from the Spider to open a huge gash over the left eye of Sonnen. 

    Lets also not forget how the fight ended, with Chael on top of Silva again but still in his guard, with around two minutes left in their championship fight the Spider sunk in a triangle armbar forcing Sonnen to tap out. 


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    Silva is currently undefeated in the UFC with 13 wins and holds the record for most consecutive title defenses at eight in a row.  Anderson is set to take on Yushin Okami at UFC: Rio later this month where he will attempt to avenge his last career loss, which occurred at “Rumble on the Rock 8” back in January of 2006, where he lost by disqualification for an illegal upkick. 

    Say what you will about Anderson “The Spider” Silva but it is highly unlikely that he will lose in the UFC any time before he retires unless he moves up to Light Heavyweight or maybe even Heavyweight to test himself.  Although we have already seen how Silva handles himself in a higher weight class.