Top 5 Fantasy Pickup Gems: Week 11

Mitchell GoldenCorrespondent INovember 12, 2008

Week 11 starts tomorrow. Most likely, you are finally done with the majority of your pickups. The bye weeks are over, and hopefully you've solved whatever injury crisis (Tom Brady related or not) has thrown itself at your carefully drafted team.

The following five players are far from safe bets; however, they have the potential for humongous games. Whether you are too far behind to stay safe, or far enough ahead where you can take the risk, these players are worth the look.


Deuce McAllister (RB, Saints) - The safest of the five, Deuce looks to have a big game versus a weak Chiefs run defense. If he is available in your league, which he very well might be, pick him up.

Reggie Bush is potentially coming back, which may have led owners to drop the Deuce. Don't be fooled. Deuce will get the majority of the carries, including goal line.


Michael Jenkins (WR, Falcons) - Crazier things have happened. Matt Ryan faces a weak Broncos pass defense, and Jenkins is a great option with Roddy White under Dre Bly's surveillance, which leaves Jenkins covered one special. If you need someone to throw in a flex spot, or have an injured WR2, Jenkins is worth the risk.


Daunte Culpepper (QB, Lions) - I don't personally believe that Daunte will do that well. Yet, he's a starting QB on a team with some very talented receivers. We've heard it all before and the formula has yet to work, but Lions first-game QBs have had their fair share of successes. If you absolutely need a QB, he's an NFL starter, and that's sometimes all you can ask for. And on that note...


Sage Rosenfels (QB, Texans) - He's either going to have an insane amount of points, or negative points. The Colts defense is nearly dead. Five, count it, five defensive backs did not participate in practice. Granted, two of the absences are not injury related. But with three injured defensive backs and a slowed Robert Mathis, the opportunity is there for Sage Rosenfels to channel his 2007 skills and exorcise his current demons.


Billy Miller (TE, Saints) - I love Billy Miller, and hate him at the same time. Why? I am a Jeremy Shockey owner, and Sean Payton apparently loves Billy Miller much more than Jeremy Shockey. I guarantee he is available in most leagues, and this Kansas City showdown is too sweet an opportunity to ignore. However, if Jeremy Shockey gets some love, Billy Miller is done.


--Check in next week where I will own up to my mistakes (hopefully not all five) and give you some more high risk, high return players.