WWE's Future: Whos The Next Guy To Carry The Company?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst INovember 12, 2008

Read this beforehand:

WWE. A multimillion dollar company has made a success out of itself for two reasons. One of them was Vince branching out of his "territory" and traveling everywhere in the United States and recruiting the best of the best for his company and the other is the WWE's power to stay ahead of its time with a guy that really defines that period in wrestling.

Every time period in wrestling has its own young charismatic star that carried the flag for the company and keep fans coming back. Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, The Rock, and now John Cena have all been a youthful torch bearer for the WWE.

The question is who will be the next one? There are a variety of young stars that could fill the role. Hay I know I will list some of them and their strong and weak points. Yeah that sounds original. I will be reviewing young stars in the WWE today and evaluating them and see if they have what it takes to carry a company on their shoulders.

Jeff Hardy: Sure he screws up at the worst times and has lost any trust he had with management and McMahon, but the fans love Jeff more than they love Cena and that’s says allot. As I am typing this Jeff Hardy should be WWE Champion, but he is not and the fact is he deserves it. He should be the flag bearer for the next era in wrestling.

He is the most capable and the most deserving, but he may never assume his thrown as the next great superstar that defines his generation. I hope he earns the trust of the WWE again, but his time may be over already.

Mr. Kennedy: He is loud, proud, and injury prone. That is Kennedy's only problem he has been in the WWE since 2005 and has been out with injuries three times already. He isn't sloppy in the ring in fact he is not bad at all. He has charisma. Oh boy dose he have charisma.

The way things are going now Mr. Kennedy will not be the face of the next generation, but if he comes back works hard and stays off the disabled list there is hope for this young man.

MVP: I will be honest I am not too keen on this guy, but as a writer it is my sworn duty to be biased to all participants. So he is talented. He wouldn't be in the WWE if he wasn't talented. He is good to okay on the microphone and has decent matches. 

I just don't see bright lights in his career. Unless he is given a huge and I mean huge push or move him to Raw and throw him a bone then he will go nowhere (ECW) fast. I just can't see this guy representing the WWE. (I wasn't really biased was I?). Sorry.

John Morrison: It is no secret that I hold this guy at a very high esteem and for good reason too. He is everything a good pro wrestler should be. He is good looking, capable in the ring, and is fantastic on the microphone (not to mention funny).

I like his current role with The Miz and all, but I just see brighter lights in the guy’s future. He could be the best ever. I really can't find too many bad things to say about him. He very well could be the future of the WWE.

THE Brian Kendrick: No one sees much hope for Kendrick due to his size, but if he was throw a secondary title like the U.S. title and was left to coast with that for awhile I bet he would be more over than Jeff Hardy right before his second drug suspension. He has all of the tools needed to be a great representative for the company in the future all he needs is a little time to build momentum. Trust me you’re looking at the future if he isn’t released due to WWE’s recent budget cuts.

Evan Bourne:  The young man has been with the company for several months now and its difficult to tell what the young man could turn out to be. If I told you that this kid could be the future of the WWE then you could probably find a hundred reasons why he shouldn’t but he does have a down side.

I have heard the kid talk and it isn't pretty, but there is plenty of time to work on that. He is awesome in the ring and that is his up side. If given time he could be a ECW Champion within a year, and as for careering a company on his back? Anythings possible.

Kofi Kingston: The young Jamaican Warrior (cool nickname huh?) has been making a name for himself over the past few months and has obviously impressed someone in the back as he is already held two different titles on Raw. He defiantly has a future. All he needs is a little time to speak his mind and act serious then we has our selves Booker T 2.0 and that’s not a bad thing by any means. He has a shot at being great, but the greatest I doubt it.

Santino Marella: Paul Heyman’s last contribution to the WWE was recommending this guy to McMahon and we are all pretty glad he did. Santino is hilarious no doubt. The problem is he has yet to improve in the ring and the WWE would be wise to send him to the farm territory in FCW, but they won’t as he is very hot with the fans right now. If he stays the way he is then he will amount to nothing and stick around until WWE’s next budget cut where he will be wished well in future endeavors.

Cody Rhodes: He has every tool at his disposal all he needs is the big push to make him a star. I don’t like the guy too much. In my opinion he is very bland on the microphone and is alright in the ring, but is nothing special he still has plenty of time to correct all of that. Rome was not built in a day. It is very possible that young Rhodes could become a bigger name than his father. Who knows what the future holds.

Carlito: Sure he disappeared for a year, but there is still no denying that Carltio is gifted in the ring and was acting goofy in the ring long before Santino came along. If Carlito can hold his tongue and regain the respect of the guys in the back he has a future. Trust me on this, back in 2006 Carlito was red hot and seemed poised for a huge push only to be taken off of television for like a year due to his loud moth. Carlito has everything he needs to become the greatest star in the WWE he just needs to shut the hell up sometimes.

The Readers Voice: I want to know who you think could be the future "Carrier of the Company" of the WWE is. Whether there on this list or not. It can be anyone.