Notable Sports Quotes Of The Week

t williAnalyst INovember 12, 2008

After mindlessly perusing like I do on a daily basis, I stumbled across some quotes that I just had to respond to. Here are a couple that caught my eye, and my opinions following the quotes.

"Our guys just hustled, and they made some great hustle plays, and all of a sudden, it was like a pinball machine—boom, boom, boom. Double bonuses. The lights were going on, and, 'Holy mackerel, we're up by a lot of points.'" — Coach K on the Duke men’s basketball team beating Georgia Southern, 97-54, Tuesday, in Cameron Stadium.

When one of the nation’s best teams regularly schedules no-name opponents in the beginning of the season, just to mercilessly pound them on their home court, it’s no wonder Coach K can make a statement like this.

While I admire the Blue Devils, there are many top teams besides Duke that repeatedly bring unheard of schools into their lair. The game ceases to be a competition between teams at this point; it becomes a spectacle for the fans. Who can score the most? How much can we win by? How many turnovers and dunks can we get? It’s embarrassing for the smaller teams; thankfully they get financial compensation for this humiliation. It is worth it though?


"He's the only one that really knows football well enough to know exactly what happened." — San Francisco 49ers Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz, on receiving clarification from former head coach Mike Nolan on the final play in the Niners loss on Monday night to the Arizona Cardinals.

This heartbreaking ending in Monday night’s football showdown between San Francisco and Arizona showed how crucial it is for the coaching staff to be on the same page. Also, the same radio channel. And in tune with the calls of the referees.

If what Martz says is right, I shudder for the Niners. The team fired the “only one that really knows football well enough,” and who are we left with? Coaches causing confusion and pandemonium on the sidelines. That’s just the assurance we fans need.


"I'll hopefully play the full game tonight." — Greg Oden, Portland Trailblazers center.

Hopefully Oden won’t sustain another injury tonight either. Most basketball fans would like to see him play a couple games in the NBA. For being such a hot topic in the league, he sure hasn’t demonstrated his talent on the court much. Granted, it isn’t his intention to injure himself, but he sure needs to learn how to be more agile and avoid potential future injuries.


“In the world of college football, the facts and statistics reflect an unmistakable bias and a systemic problem that has yet to be fixed. My deep concern is, why are the college football hiring practices out of sync?" — BCA executive director Floyd Keith, about the recent findings that although minorities are receiving more interview opportunities for jobs in NCAA Division I college football, there is a disparity still in job hirings.

While there is an increase in the numbers of minorities in coaching jobs, there is always room for more diversity, especially in a sport already transcending racial divides. However, no one will hire a person for the sole person of increasing the diversity on a coaching staff, and race should never be a pivotal factor in the hiring process (for either a positive or negative reason).

Another minority not even imagined in this issue is obvious in my mind: women. While there are countless reasons as to why women wouldn’t be considered in the coaching staff for college football (or NFL either), I could see many benefits in this option.  Maybe Obama inspired me by planting the idea in my head that there is no limit to any occupation for an American. It may be a silly idea to entertain, but I’d love a chance to get out there on the turf and coach football. Maybe I could have saved the 49ers game on Monday. Who knows?