TNA Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Series Aftermath: What Will Come Next?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 18, 2011

After the dust has settled from the aftermath of TNA’s first ever BFG (Bound for Glory) Series, we will have a new No. 1 contender to compete against the TNA Impact Wrestling world champion at Bound for Glory.

With Impact Wrestling receiving a nice reception from this innovative series, what will it do next to top it?

Of course we will see a nice build between the BFG Series winner and the champion leading into TNA’s biggest event of the year, but what about the rest of the competitors?

Impact Wrestling must continue to garner attention, key storylines and great in-ring action.

After the series is officially over, it will be interesting to see what will be done with the rest of the competitors; especially high-rising talent Crimson.

Crimson has become a big hit for Impact Wrestling, and you can thank that to the BFG Series and his dominating win streak.

As Crimson continues to impress and dominate competition in the ring, he becomes a higher value for the Impact Wrestling brand.

Right now, he leads the series with a impressive 50 points, but don’t expect him to win the whole series.

Crimson is a heck of a talent, but still has a few tools to sharpen in his arsenal to be fully equipped.

Crimson is at a fresh age of 26, according to Wikipedia. He is still young in the game and does not need to be rushed to the top just yet.

But, expect Crimson to have a key role in the upcoming storylines leading into Bound for Glory, as Impact Wrestling seems to be banking on this young prospect.

Next up: Bully Ray, 43 points

Bully Ray may be Impact Wrestling’s biggest villain as of right now, from his heelish tactics and promosBully Ray has it all.

Although he is the big fish in the heel pond, don’t expect Ray to win the series, however

Look for him to continue his heated feud with new rival Ken Anderson at Bound for Glory.

Next up: Bobby Roode, 35 points

My personal favorite, Bobby Roode, is my pick to win the entire series and ultimately become the new Impact Wrestling World Champion by the time Bound for Glory is over.

Roode went from being behind the pack of point winners, to pulling off a string of victories to land in the third spot in the rankings.

He has all the tools to be the next champion for Impact Wrestling, and possibly have an epic match with current champion Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory.

It all depends on Impact Wrestling officials to pull the trigger on this great talent.

Next up: James Storm, 33 points

Although Roode is my personal favorite to win the series, James Storm is seen by other fans as the better half of Beer Money.

For this reason, possibly expect the dynamic duo of Beer Money to be split up.

Also expect Roode to win the gold and Storm to turn heel, which will launch both in the main-event scene, as they feud over TNA’s most prestigious prize.

At the end of the day, this is what TNA needs to do to add depth to its main-event roster, as there has not been much diversity in the title picture as of late.

Next up: Devon, 30 points

It looks like Impact Wrestling wants to amp up the feud between Devon and fellow BFG Series participate, The Pope (17 points).

As this feud continues to develop, expect the family scenario to take main stage as Impact Wrestling will look to make this feud personal.

For some reason I see an affair plot brewing between The Pope and Devon’s Wife… hmm sounds familiar.

Next up: Gunner, 28 points

Gunner seems to be high on Impact Wrestling’s list of rising stars.

For what reason, I don’t know, but he seems to be impressive to them.

Look for Gunner to stay in key feuds and storylines, as they look to build him up as a top heel.

Next up: RVD, 25 points

It is kind of obvious what’s next for RVD as he continues to be frustrated with Jerry Lynn’s involvement in his matches.

Lynn cost RVD a negative 10 points when he got RVD disqualified.

Expect to see a Destination X rematch between these two former ECW companions.

Next up: Matt Morgan, 24 points (out due to Injury)

Morgan was looking to fulfill his dream by taking part of the Bound for Glory main event, but due to injury, he had to pull out of competition.

Matt should receive a push upon his return.

Next up: AJ Styles, 21 points

Styles and Christopher Daniels brought the house down with a great performance at Destination X.

With Daniels continuing to bother AJ with a rematch, expect a friendly rivalry to take place.

This could lead into Bound for Glory, as Impact Wrestling is looking to make this a historic card for the organization.

Next up: Scott Steiner, 14 points

Scott Steiner was great in WCW’s dying days, and in my eyes, has nothing else to prove.

Steiner should take a step back and look to work behind the scenes or even become a manager for a young talent looking to get over; how about a returning bitter Matt Morgan?

Next up: Samoa Joe, -10 points

Yeah you read that right, Joe's following behind the pack and is in dead last with -10 points.

Expect Samoa Joe in the WWE ring… just kidding!

But seriously, with reports of low morale among the roster, Joe possibly being one of them, you can really see him jump ship if things don’t change fast.

Now that is all for the competitors.

Looks like Impact Wrestling will look to bank on live tapings of Impact Wrestling on the road, which should help grow exposure to its brand.

With a great response to the BFG series, TNA should look to come up with another great concept that helps its roster grow and grab attention.

Maybe this time they can focus on its tag team section or X-Division.


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