Only The True Patriot Fans Will Come Out For Jets Game!

Drunk LeprechaunContributor INovember 12, 2008

Okay so more and more over the last decade Boston fans have been spoiled with not only teams succeeding, but winning championships.  Granted, winning is what the fans long for, but little did they know the price that would come with it.

Back in the losing days of the old Patriots home Foxboro Stadium, tickets were easy to come by.  The process consisted of buying the cheap tickets and working your way down to to the expensive seats.  I'm sure most of you have all tried this at one point or another at some stadium. 
There were days you'd have a whole section to yourself.  Nobody needs to be reminded of how Robert Kraft turned this franchise around.  He made it the model NFL franchise, if not the blueprint for every professional sports franchise. The only downfall with that success is the fact that the common fan got pushed to the back for Corporate America. 
With winning came the greater need for tickets, which proved the old supply and demand scenario is in full effect.  The worst part of all this is how a good portion of the attendance is only at the game because it is the place to be in Boston.  The people that are known want to be seen and the other clingers have access to the tickets so they go just to say they went.  I bet you half of these people could not name three players on the team, not to mention they don't even watch the game when there. 
This is a disturbing trend in sports and unfortunately it happens in every sports town during winning times.  It's like it not enough that the common fan is already getting priced out on all professional sports.  
It's just too bad that it penalizes the real fans in the end. It used to be getting tickets to a game in Foxboro was next to impossible.  All of that changed on a sunny day in early September of this year.  That of course was the day the franchise player went down in Tom Brady.   It's amazing the amount of people that have lost interest since that unfortunate day . 
Don't get me wrong the Patriots have a great fan friendly system in place where season ticket wait list members have access to unused season tickets for purchase.  One can buy the tickets for face value and the season ticket holder has his account credited.  Usually, in years past you'd see a few listings in the days leading up to the game. 
After Tom terrific went down there were thousands of tickets listed for each home game, and that didn't even include all the aftermarket tickets that became available.  By that point people were having a hard time even giving away Patriot tickets, and this was only weeks ago.  Talk about spoiled fans, New England was flooded with them. Now, as the season continues and the Pats climbed to a 6-3 record, the clingers slowly started coming back. 
With that, the real test for the clingers will be this Thursday night in the prime time showdown with the division foe NY Jets.  The weather calls for rain with temperatures in the low 40's at game time.  How many people that aren't true fans are actually going to show up if they aren't in the posh club seats or luxury suites? 
In a way the rain is a good thing because now the stadium will be filled with true Patriot fans.  I'm sure the hated Jets will have a showing of their true fans also. That's the way it should be though, true fans only, none of these clingers.  They should all stay home and fire up the NFL Network and enjoy the game there, as I'm sure that wouldn't happen.  
Just remember if you're in a losing city (Detroit) hold onto those tickets because some day those will be impossible to get.  For the dedicated fans that just enjoy going to the stadiums and making the game an experience, keep up the good work and don't get discouraged, you're time will come too, just like it has for the Patriot fans.