Miami Heat Looking Good At 4-3; Won Three Out Of Last Four

Allen Levin@@TheNBAllenCorrespondent IINovember 12, 2008

In case anyone hasn't noticed, the Miami Heat are above .500 at 4-3.

While 4-3 doesn't really scream championship or isn't even ESPN worthy, it should still be noted. Last year, the Heat started off the season 0-5 and didn't even get their fourth win until Nov. 27 when they improved to 4-10.

What does this show?


The Heat have also won three out of their last four games and have done it against contending teams. The Heat's second win of the season came against Elton Brand and the Philadelphia 76ers. While the Sixers are sitting at 2-5, let's not call them a bad team yet. By the time this season ends, the Sixers could be a top four spot in the East, which means the Heat will have beaten a really legitimate team.

Not only did the Heat beat them, they crushed the Philly boys 106-83. Wade led the team with 29 points, seven rebounds, six assists, five steals, and three blocked shots. In addition, Miami was able to contain Andre Igoudala to just two points on 1-for-7 shooting.

The Heat's next win came against the San Antonio Spurs at San Antonio. While many critics are predicting the Spurs' reign at the top to be over due to their old age, they can never be counted out.

Although they are 2-4, people have to realize they are without two members of their "Big Three." Both Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are out due to injuries, which is the primary reason for the Spurs' poor start.

While the Heat were able to take advantage of this, you have to look at the facts. The Heat crushed the Spurs 99-83 on their homecourt.

This says many things about this 2008-09 Miami Heat team. They have swagger, they can win on the road, and they can beat title contending teams. The win against San Antonio was Miami's first win on the road vs. the Spurs since 1996. It was also the Heat's first road win of the season.

In their most recent win, the Heat downed the New Jersey Nets 99-94 at home to stay a perfect 3-0 at American Airlines Arena. This was a great game for the Heat because it showed their biggest progression of the season.

The Heat had a come from behind victory. With the Heat down 83-73 with less than six minutes in regulation, Wade rallied the Heat for the win. He scored eight straight points in a 79-second span to give the Heat a one point lead with just over three minutes left. With the Heat only leading by one, Wade sealed the game with a running jumper with less than a minute left. It gave Wade 33 points on the night, including four three-pointers.

There is no question that this Miami Heat team looks like a playoff contending team in this young season. The team is playing with heart and with fight.

D-Wade is looking better than ever and is really taking on the role of leader on this young team. If the Heat continue to play with strong defense and motivation, there is no question that they will be a dangerous squad come playoff time.

The Heat takes on the Blazers tonight on ESPN.