WWE SummerSlam Fallout: 10 Wrestlers Who'd Benefit from Jimmy Hart's Services

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IAugust 17, 2011

WWE SummerSlam Fallout: 10 Wrestlers Who'd Benefit from Jimmy Hart's Services

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    Jimmy Hart managed nearly 50 wrestlers throughout his legendary career, and he made a surprise appearance at SummerSlam. In the best non-wrestling segment of the event, he offered his managerial services to the deranged R-Truth who refused.

    The Pro Wrestling Illustrated Manager of the Year in 1987 and 1994 had many iconic wrestlers under his wing in the last 25 years. Just to name a few, he managed The Honky Tonk Man, The Hart Foundation, Hulk Hogan, King Kong Bundy and even Abdullah The Butcher.

    His unique experience could benefit to the WWE overall, but most specifically he could be very valuable for some rising stars who needs some help to move up to the next level.

    If R-Truth and Jimmy Hart would form an amazing funny duo according to what we saw at SummerSlam, it seems they won't run together. But what if The Mouth of the South was teasing a return as manager? Who would benefit from his talent on the microphone?

    I have compiled 10 wrestlers on the current roster who would improve their status if they were associated with him?

    So, with no more introduction, let's see, in no particular order, those wrestlers who need some help. 

10. Wade Barrett

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    Barrett has all it takes to become a main event wrestler, but he must find a way to make his mark in singles competition after the failure of the Nexus and of the Corre.

    The Nexus made a huge splash back in 2010, and it blew up fast, thanks to the WWE creative. Since he runs in singles, he seems a little bit lost, and he is going nowhere.

    Maybe someone like Jimmy Hart can give a second breath to the NXT Season I winner who has a lot of potential. Such a manager could add some color to his stalling character. 

9. Brodus Clay

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    The WWE needs a monster and Brodus Clay could do the job right. He seems to handle the microphone with ease and some extra help from someone experienced like Jimmy Hart could make of him a monster who can talk, something very rare in the business.

    Hart is also an ace to make his monsters looking even better. Just think about King Kong Bundy in the '80s, the infamous Ox Baker or the iconic Abdullah The Butcher. He did wonders for his monsters, and he can do it for Clay.

    I think it's time for him to be shown on TV so we can see what he can really do. He already proved he could do some interesting things, we need more to see if he can be moved up on the regular roster for good, and Jimmy Hart can help him a lot to break through. 

8. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

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    Cody Rhodes, the current Intercontinental Champion, would benefit a lot from Jimmy Hart who played an important role in Honky Tonk Man's record reign. His managerial style would also fit perfectly with Rhodes' current gimmick.

    In addition, Ted DiBiase seems to come with Rhodes as a package deal, and both proved they could be a solid tag team. So, it would be easy for Hart to lead them to a true and permanent success.

    Since Hart managed The Million Dollar Man, it would add an interesting historical aspect to an association with DiBiase Jr after he worked with daddy.

7. Beth Phoenix

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    The Glamazon is better to stay off the microphone and to focus on wrestling, something she's really good at.

    Jimmy Hart could handle the talk for her, and she would become even more entertaining.

    She's probably the greatest female wrestler on the roster, but some extra help from an experienced manager could not hurt. He managed Judy Martin and Lailani Kai who were WWF Women Tag Team Champions in 1987, so he knows how to work with ladies.

6. Mark Henry

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    The Strongest Man in the World looks better when he doesn't talk. With his current push, he should leave the talk to an expert, and Jimmy Hart has always been great with monsters.

    To get a legendary manager would be a nice gift for Henry, especially since he seems to be in the end of his career. In reward for his loyalty, he deserves to end his career with grace, and Hart can help him to do that.

    Henry always looked better with a manager anyways, so it would make sense to stick him with The Mouth from the South. 

5. Jack Swagger

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    Obviously, Jack Swagger would look less ridiculous with Jimmy Hart at ringside with him than that stupid eagle mascot.

    No one can deny he has a lot of in-ring skills, and he has the potential to deliver top quality matches.

    However, he needs serious help to compensate his lack of talent on the microphone because the more he talks, the worst it is for his credibility. 

4. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga

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    If Jimmy Hart could lead The Nasty Boys or The Natural Disasters to Tag Team Championship, he can certainly do it with the current Tag Team Champions.

    McGillicutty and Otunga are still fresh rookies, and they could benefit a lot from Hart's vast experience in the business.

    Since they have no leader, they seem to have no direction, and they might go back out of the spotlight soon if they don't elevate their game, and that's exactly why they need a great manager to make them look good.  

3. Drew McIntyre

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    A while ago, Vince McMahon presented Drew McIntyre as a future world champion, but since then, he only had a very ordinary run with the Intercontinental Championship.

    I still have hope for him and Jimmy Hart could bring that little something that he is lacking. I think McIntyre has a lot to offer, but he seems unable to do it by himself. He is average at best on the microphone, and a manager could do wonders for him.

    He has that spark in the eyes, but his charisma is not big enough to connect well with the fans, and some outside help might be what he needs to get out of his shell.   

2. Dolph Ziggler

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    With his current storyline with Vickie Guerrero, Ziggler might be looking for a new manager and who would fit better for the job than Jimmy Hart?

    He's already a master in the art of cheating to steal victories, but he would add one more weapon to his arsenal if he could use Hart's legendary megaphone in the back of the referees and some extra distraction.  

1. Natalya

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    Jimmy Hart managed Natalya's dad when he ran in singles and when he was part of the Hart Foundation, and they worked very well together.

    Being Jim Neidhart's daughter, it should click naturally between her and Hart. But most important, she needs some help to elevate, and she's not exactly great on the microphone.

    In addition, her and Beth Phoenix are already working together, so the Mouth from the South would manage both of them in tag team action.