Was Andy Reid's Extension the Right Decision for the Philadelphia Eagles?

chris klinknerSenior Writer INovember 12, 2008

It might be painful for some, but flash back to Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2004. On this momentous day in Eagles history, one Andrew Walter Reid signed a four-year contract extension, making him the Eagles' coach through the 2010 season. Reid originally signed a six-year deal in June 2001. The extension pays Reid slightly more than $4 million per season.

So, after some quick calculations, one sees that Reid's original deal would have run out following the 2006 season. If you look at the date (Sept. 8), you also realize the extension was given to Reid prior to the Eagles reaching the Super Bowl.
Before the 2004 season, Reid's greatest accomplishment was repeated trips to the NFC Championship game. Such a feat is nothing to laugh at or ignore, but did it really signal the need to keep the guy around until 2010?

Would all of our complaining this year have been a moot point had the Eagles not gotten an itchy trigger finger and jumped the gun on an extension for Reid? Would the Eagles have been better advised to wait a bit on the extension or a least minimize its length?

Since 2004, the Eagles have gradually fallen from the group of elite NFL teams. Two of the following three seasons, the Eagles have missed the playoffs. This year is going to be another struggle just to secure the final wild-card spot.

The main reason being thrown around for not firing Reid is his guaranteed contract and money. It's easy to play "Monday morning QB" after the fact, but the Eagles might have been wise to rethink their strategy with Reid's contract.

Or maybe the wisest decision is IF the Eagles miss the playoffs again this season, for the Eagles to eat the guaranteed money.
When does a team's perception in the city, with fans, and in the marketing and sponsorship piggy bank begin to outweigh $8-10 million in contractual obligations?
Unlike before, there is now some serious competition in the city for the fan's dollar...the World Champion Phillies.