UFC Reportedly Signs Deal with FOX: Good News for Impact Wrestling & WWE?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 16, 2011

UFC President Dana White
UFC President Dana White

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has reportedly signed a major deal with FOX broadcasting; reported by Sescoops.com (via SportsBusinessDaily.com):

“SportsBusinessDaily.com is reporting that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization has signed a blockbuster multi-year deal with FOX broadcasting that will see UFC programming airing on FOX networks (Fox, FX, Fuse) for the next seven or eight years.

According to the report on SBD, the deal is worth as much as $90 million per year and as many as four live UFC events will air on Fox each year, marking the first time UFC will be broadcast on network television.

As part of the deal, most of the weekly programming that UFC has on Versus and Spike TV will move to FX starting in January. That includes UFC’s live Fight Night cards as well as the company’s hit reality series “The Ultimate Fighter.”

UFC had reportedly been negotiating with NBC/Comcast for several months, but those talks recently broke down.

As for what this means to the pro wrestling business, this now makes TNA Wrestling the most valuable brand on Spike TV.”

This has not been confirmed or denied by UFC representatives; when the time is right, the UFC President, Dana White could make a statement regarding the matter.

UFC President Dana White told MMAjunkie

"You guys will know when we have a TV deal," said White.

The FOX broadcasting network has not confirmed or denied the matter either.

But if this story runs true, then this could lead to great news not just for the UFC but for TNA Impact Wrestling and even the WWE.

The UFC had been rumored to ink a deal with NBC/Comcast, which also owns the G4 network; it was reported the UFC would take over the struggling G4 network, re-brand and would add their programming to the channel.

Not only was the UFC in talks of purchasing the G4 network, the WWE was looking to do the same.

Now with the UFC reportedly out of talks with NBC/Comcast, it could possibly lead to WWE trying to ink a deal.

The WWE has been rumored to want to start up their own network, and if they were to purchase the G4 network, they would be able to re-brand the network and add their programming.

This would be great as it will help the WWE expand & grow even further.

But now that the UFC has possibly inked a deal with FOX, this leaves the Spike network with TNA Impact Wrestling as their top ratings leader.

Spike has been interested in re-branding as well, to broaden its appeal that will showcase programming for males and females.

Spike has not made any changes yet, but with reported news that UFC has inked another deal, Spike could be looking to add more programming and expand what they already have. To fill the void left by the UFC, Spike could possibly take their top ratings leader Impact Wrestling and expand the programming.

Which could be great for TNA Impact Wrestling as their biggest problem in my eyes is marketing.

If they were to add more programming, this could possibly bring new viewers to the product and help them grow.

Look at all the veterans and performers TNA Impact Wrestling has brought in, guys like RVD, Kurt Angel, Hulk Hogan and Sting.

With all those names that have been proven to draw numbers in the past, you would think it would do the same for Impact Wrestling, but it has not as of yet.

The ratings have stayed around the same range without making a major change, even with those names being added to the roster.

With Impact Wrestling improving with in-ring action and storylines, adding more programming may help expand their brand.

But all of this is just rumors as of right now so we will all have to wait and see.

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