Denver Broncos Need Tank Johnson to Fill Void Left by Loss of Ty Warren

Jason MuckleySenior Analyst IIAugust 16, 2011

The addition of Tank Johnson to the Broncos roster could stop the bleeding at the DT position.
The addition of Tank Johnson to the Broncos roster could stop the bleeding at the DT position.Handout/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos received very bad news today, when it was revealed by MRI that Ty Warren, a recent free agency acquisition, has a partial triceps tear.

This type of injury is troubling for the Broncos who signed Warren to a two year deal worth up to $10 million, with $2 million guaranteed.

An injury like this could last for up to the full duration of Warren's contract, with him missing all of the 2011 season, and possibly all of 2012. The Broncos want to wait to see the full extent of the injury once the swelling subsides.

The Broncos run defense was ranked 31st last season, and some key additions to the likes of Ty Warren, Brodrick Bunkley, and bringing back Marcus Thomas were supposed to be their answer to their struggles.

The other blow to the Broncos' run defense was the loss of Marcus Thomas for all of the preseason, and possibly the opening game of the regular season.

On the same day, the Cincinnati Bengals released Tank Johnson. The Broncos need to sign Johnson to a 1-year deal and roll the dice on him. He has been known for his off-field issues that seem to be behind him, and I believe he still has something left in the "Tank"—no pun intended.

The Broncos need to act fast as Johnson may be a hot commodity among teams looking to upgrade their defensive front for the short-term, until younger, more promising players become available.

Last season was shortened for Johnson after a knee injury sidelined him in Week 7. He is a solid veteran who has produced throughout his career and would be a great addition to help out the Broncos who are trying to stop the bleeding.

Another veteran who deserves the Broncos' consideration would be the aging Pat Williams, another guy who is worth a 1-year deal to see if he can contribute. It would be low risk with potential for a big reward. He has been in the league "forever", and his leadership alone would be worth the shot.