Boston Red Sox Fans: Don't Be Sad You Didn't Land Santana

Dylan LevinsonCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2008

Time for the Red Sox update.

As we all know, Johan Santana is heading to New York to become a Met. 

I was looking forward to having the best one-two pitching punch in the majors, but life will go on. 

My message to all you fellow Sox fans is to not be sad.

The Red Sox got to keep their farm system intact while keeping Johan away from the Yankees.  We didn't have to give up Ellsbury or Lester and we did not need to give up $150 million to sign Santana.

It was really a win-win situation for the Sox, even though we didn't get Santana.  

The Providence Journal really summed it all up with the headline, "Sox Fans Shedding Few Tears."

Many Twins fans are complaining that they could have gotten Jacoby Ellsbury.  They should be complaining.  Ellsbury is going to be a star one day, while some of the prospects that the Twins recieved were not top caliber.

Remember, if you are ever feeling sad that we didn't get Santana, just remember that the Yankees didn't get him either and that should bring a smile to your face.

With all the Santana pandemonium, I did not have time to write about the Sox' new acquisition.  The Sox picked up David Aardsma from the White Sox for two class-A pitchers, Willy Mota and Miguel Socolovich.

Aardsma started the season last year with a 1.31 ERA and 26 strikeouts in 20 1/3 innings pitched.  Aardsma led American Leauge relievers with 23 strikeouts in April.

Aardsma struggled the last half of the season as his ERA rose to 6.32.  Aardsma was called down to Triple A Charlotte.

All in all, this was a great way to strengthen up the Red Sox bullpen.