Dissecting the Johan Santana Trade: Part One

Dylan LevinsonCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2008

If you've been anywhere near a baseball program or website, you would know that Johan Santana of the Minnesota Twins has been traded to the New York Mets in return for four prospects.

Dissecting this trade is no easy accomplishment—but I'm up to the task. 

Let's begin with the four prospects the Mets traded to Minnesota: Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra, and Kevin Mulvey.

Carlos Gomez played only 58 games with the New York Mets in 2007.  He batted .232 with two HR, 12 RBI, 14 runs and 12 steals.  A .232 BA is very impressive for a rookie at a major-leauge level.  However, it is apparent that Gomez is not a power hitter.  Although he is only 22, two HR in 58 games is not top-caliber for a rookie.

12 RBI over 58 games is an average number for a rookie the size and age of Gomez. 14 runs are also a solid stat for a rookie, as it shows that Gomez has solid baserunning skills and solid speed.  His 12 SB is also very impressive, showing how speedy Gomez really is.

In all, Gomez is a solid top prospect who will get better with age.

Phil Humber was a stud at Rice University, and was the third overall pick in the draft by the New York Mets.  Humber posted mediocre numbers in high A ball, where he kept his ERA slightly below five.  In AA, he had an ERA of 4.27. In three appearances with the Mets in 2007, Humber posted an ERA of 7.71, struck out two, and walked two.

These are definitely mediocre stats when compared with other "top prospects."  Humber was not the best choice for the Twins.

Deolis Guerra, only 18 years old, pitched for the High A St. Lucie team.  In 21 games with St. Lucie, Guerra pitched 81 innings, giving up 80 hits, 40 ER, 9 HR, 25 BB, 66 K for two wins and six losses.  He posted a 4.01 ERA and a 1.171 WHIP.

Guerra is a very young but talented individual.  In 89 innings, he only gave up 80 hits.  That is a very impressive stat.  Guerra also gave up only 40 earned runs which is also impressive.  A big stat that really popped out at me was the nine HR allowed.  Over 89 innings, giving up just nine HR is top caliber.  His 66 Ks also show that Guerra has some good stuff.

All in all, Guerra has a boatload of potential.  This kid could be a very good Major League pitcher someday.  But for now, he will have no immediate impact.

The last player shipped to Minnesota was Kevin Mulvey.  Mulvey was the 62nd pick out of Villanova by the Mets.  Mulvey posted an 11-10 record in AA.  Mulvey also posted a 3.32 ERA, a very impressive stat.  In 151 innings, Mulvey only allowed four HR, 145 H and 43 BB along with 110 K.

These are very good stats.  Only four HR allowed is great and the 110 Ks is very impressive.  Mulvey even started a game in AAA.  Mulvey is getting better and better, and he could one day take Johan Santana's famed spot in the Twins' rotation.

Johan Santana is a man who every baseball fan has heard of.  Arguably the best pitcher in baseball, Johan has posted 93 wins in his first years with the Twins.  He has won two Cy Young awards.  Johan went 15-13 with the Twins last season, and posted a 3.33 ERA.  These are mediocre numbers for Santana, who he has been the top pitcher in the last four years

Santana is a true stud.  The Mets have landed Johan at the height of his career.

That is part one of dissecting the Johan Santana trade.  I have summarized every individual dealt in the trade. Part two will come shortly.