WWE Conspiracy: Is Triple H Pulling the Strings or Vince McMahon?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 16, 2011

On July 18, 2011, live on Monday Night Raw, Triple H returned to his new role as COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the WWE as he relieved his father-in-law of his duties.

This was done as the board of directors, had come to an agreement to have Vince McMahon step down.

Since then things have been shaken up, with Triple H’s regime in full force.

We have seen the reinstatement of announcer Jim Ross, the return of John Morrison and the white-hot CM Punk re-signing to the WWE after a brief hiatus with the WWE title in hand.

WWE has fans in frenzy mode as of late with all the new, intriguing developments taking place.

We (the fans) have been witnessing better quality matches, more interesting storylines and more entertaining announcing.

Last night was another historic SummerSlam for the WWE—we saw the crowning of an undisputed WWE champion. This would not last long, as Kevin Nash attacked and destroyed the WWE champion CM Punk.

After a huge jackknife power-bomb, Alberto Del Rio looked to capitalize on the opportunity to fulfill his “destiny” to become WWE champion.

Triple H looked on, confused, as Kevin Nash left through the crowd. Del Rio entered the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and kicked the staggering CM Punk in the head to get the victory.

The night ended with a shocker and more questions than answers as Del Rio celebrated with his new prize.

The biggest question is: Why did Kevin Nash get involved?

Fans started to speculate quickly, as many believe there is a reunion taken place of the “Clique,” which is a former group of friends that consisted of Scott Hall, Nash, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac and new COO Triple H.

At the start of tonight’s Monday Night Raw, Triple H kicked off the show by stating he was not involved with Nash’s actions.

He went on to say that he is sorry for his mistake by missing the fact that Cena’s leg was on the bottom rope while Triple H made the count for Punk to win.

Triple H said Cena would receive a personal apology for this mistake.

Triple H also stated he received a text from Nash to receive tickets for the SummerSlam event, which Triple H did give to Nash to attend.

But Nash did more than just watch the event. He stepped in the ring and attacked CM Punk.

Those actions led to Triple H to text Nash for answers. Nash replied by stating he will give answers on tonight’s Monday Night Raw—as long as he can speak the truth!

Triple H had no problems with that, as long as answers were delivered.

Nash attended tonight’s Raw to speak the truth, but his statement would lead to more confusion.

Nash would explain Triple H did know about his actions beforehand, as Nash stated he received a text from a “buddy” to “stick it to the winner” of SummerSlam’s main-event match—no matter the outcome of the match.

So Nash did just that and delivered a Jackknife power-bomb to the winner, CM Punk.

But there is a bigger story behind this picture, as Nash's and Triple H’s stories seem not to match up.

Not only that, after an epic back-and-forth exchange of words between Punk and Nash, we see a interesting segment where Executive Vice Chairman John Laurinaitis wanted to speak to Nash privately.

Nash was looking to speak to his friend Triple H, but he was in a “meeting” with Punk.

What exactly would Laurinaitis want to speak to Nash about?

Although Triple H has assumed the role as COO, something tell me that someone else is pulling the strings!

Why would Triple H make these changes, just to have things revert back to the way things were?

Maybe the actual “buddy” Nash was speaking of was not Triple H but none other than Vince McMahon.

Something that caught my attention was that Nash stated to Punk: “get a clue, take a shower and lift some weights!”

Now when you first hear that, you don’t think too much, But if you break it down, Kevin Nash is simply saying Punk does not fit the WWE mold.

As we all know, McMahon is a favorite of big, bulky, strong guys, which Kevin Nash was in his prime.

Maybe McMahon is pulling some strings to have the roster turn on Triple H.

Nash’s statement instilled confusion on the fans and Punk.

This would lead to people thinking that Triple H is not about change!

Another possible scenario is maybe Stephanie McMahon is the one pulling some strings to keep the WWE how her Dad had envisioned.

All of this is skepticism, though, which is great. WWE has the fans intrigued and hooked on what’s going to happen next.

Now we (the fans) will be tuning in to see how this current storyline develops.

So for now, we all have to stay tuned!


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