John Daly and the Top 10 Worst Dressed Golfers in Golf History

Scott Semmler@@ScottSemmler22Analyst IIAugust 16, 2011

John Daly and the Top 10 Worst Dressed Golfers in Golf History

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    Not everyone likes to watch golf.  I can understand that.  However, give the guys on this list a little credit for trying to spice it up a bit.

    Recently, we have seen golfers up the ante on the course by the clothes that they are wearing.

    We can thank Tiger Woods and his Sunday red trademark or even thank Loudmouth Golf for the fashion mishap that are those crazy-looking pants.

    The new trend in fashion has sparked many of the best in the world to make their own fashion mark on the golf world, and it has by no means hindered their golf game.

    Here are the top 10 worst dressers in golf history.

10. Bernhard Langer

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    Yes, he is German, but that is no excuse as to why he would wear a shirt like that on national television.

    Langer has always been into the more European fashion, but he tends to take it just over the edge with tight white pants and goofy-looking shirts.

9. Duffy Waldorf

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    Waldorf's fashion sense must come from Hawaii because that is what he is known for as far as his attire is concerned.

    You can call him still stuck in the 1970's or just that he likes Hawaiian shirts.  Either way, Duffy stands behind his fashion roots.

8. Ryan Moore

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    Moore seems to have his own taste in fashion on the golf course.  He has a sense of style that has not been seen since...well, the 1920's.

    A tie on the golf course?  Wouldn't that hinder his swing a little?

    Either way, Moore has been playing some good golf, as of late, so I wouldn't change a thing.

7. Ryo Ishikawa

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    The young phenom is trying to make a name for himself in the world of golf, and that attire just happens to come with it.

    It seems to be the trend for young golfers to start wearing these flashy clothes when the game itself lacks flashiness altogether.

    Ishikawa is just continuing that trend.

6. Jesper Parnevik

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    The tight pants, vest with a tie and the hat make Parnevik the whole package when it comes to the worst.

    My favorite is the original hat with the bill flipped up.

    Vintage Jesper.

5. Rory Sabattini

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    Sabatini is a weird-looking guy to begin with, but the hat he has started wearing sort of puts him over the top when it comes to worst dressers on the PGA Tour today.

    This is a new one for Sabatini.  The whole cowboy hat fashion style just started this year, and his golf game has not really changed for the better or the worse.

    Either way, cowboy hats have no place on a golf course.

4. Shingo Katayama

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    Not more cowboy hats.

    In what world do these people think cowboy hats are a natural part of the game of golf?

    Katayama sort of started the phase, but his neon pants and tight-fit shirts put him over the top as one of the worst dressers in the history of golf.

3. Ian Poulter

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    The originator of the horrible-looking flashy pants.

    Poulter has worn anything from pink pants to pants with the English flag on them.

    However, Poulter has game to back it up.  Others on this list simply do not.

2. Rickie Fowler

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    Like I had said in a previous slide, it seems that the youth of the game are bringing in their own style, wearing flashy-looking clothes to match their flashy games.

    Fowler has taken it over the top, though.

    He is known for his Puma hats and rounds in which he wears all one color—pants, shirt, shoes and hat.

    A little over the top for me.  He should let his game do the talking instead.

1. John Daly

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    It did not used to be this way.  Daly used to be the guy with the khaki pants and massive swing on the golf course.

    Now he is a fashion icon?

    Not really.

    Daly was one of the first to wear those Loudmouth pants, and he has laughed all the way to the bank with that one.

    Although his game is nowhere close to contending status, Daly still wows us with his unique sense of style.