Top Bass Fishing Lures

Jess KContributor IIIAugust 15, 2011

Years of bass fishing teaches you that having a large assortment of lures is vital to successful fishing. But you don’t just want a collection: you want lures that will catch fish. Here are some fishing tackle tips for some of the top bass lures.

One of the best top water poppers is the Storm Rattlin’ Chug Bug. This lure, made to imitate a red-breasted perch, comes in two sizes, 2 ½ and 2 1/3 inches. The lure is designed with a concave nose that catches water when it is twitched across the surface of the water. As a result, the best way to fish the lure is to cast it out and then real it back in a jerky fashion.

One of the features of the Chug Bug is that when it catches water and expels it, a popping sound is made. This popping sound is like a scared or wounded perch.

The Strike King Red Eye Shad is a crank bait that catches big fish. It has been used in many fishing contests and has won the 2010 Bassmaster Classic. It is designed with unique free floating rattles. These rattles make more noise to help attract the big fish. The red eye is equipped with two treble hooks which gives it an edge over similar lures.

Strike King uses premium VNC hooks. The fish hook size and placement on the lure guarantees a secure hookup.

The premium bass jig is the Jig Monster Chaos pro football jig, Cherry Craw. This lure is modeled after a crawfish and is hand-tied so it will stay intact, even when aggressively bit. It is cherry red in color with black spots and has a black nickel treble hook.

These lures will add to your fishing arsenal and enhance your fishing productivity. Remember, if you can’t get out on the water, then next best thing is to play online fishing games.