Inside The Down Year Of SEC Conference Football

Ben SpicerCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

Arguably the richest annual football talent conference wise in college football, the Southeastern Conference has taken a turn for the worse it seems so far.

Looking into last weeks box scores and stat lines gave an obvious and blunt explanation of the already visible struggling that the SEC has turned into in this year. The prime showing of this point was demonstrated in Tennessee's loss to the likes of Wyoming.

It hasn't been the first time the SEC has been embarrassed to lesser teams and conferences this season.

In fact, Duke knocked off Vanderbilt, and Louisiana Tech beat Mississippi State. It just goes to show that anything can happen in college football.

Amongst all the chaos, there are two legitimate National Title Contenders in Alabama and Florida, but that will dwindle down to one after the showdown that's set up in Atlanta, barring neither the Crimson Tide nor the Gators stumble beforehand.

We always see National Title Contenders out of the pack. It's the Southeastern Conference, the goldmine of collegiate football.

However, what's been missing is the middle of the pack teams. Last season there were 10 bowl eligible teams out of the Southeastern Conference, this season, there's several middle-of-the-road teams, but nothing superior out of the back.

Nothing worthy of the crown "January Bowl Game".

And what screams louder than the numbers is the bold statement that has been made in the loss columns by both Tennessee and Auburn.

The Volunteers are a miserable 3-7 overall thus far through the year, while Auburn is only 5-5. Rocky Top was shaken with the news of Fulmer leaving the program, and nobody knows what's going on in War Eagle territory with Tommy Tuberville.

The statistics speak a high volume of what's been a matter with the SEC. This season, to the current date, only 4 SEC schools are in the Top 50 overall in Scoring offense. Last season, there were 4 SEC schools in the Top 15. That's a number that clearly shows how down production has been from this conference in 2008.

Another thing that's been evident is that the big games aren't up to par.

Florida beat LSU when they were 3rd by 30 points, beat Georgia by 39 points, and beat Kentucky (who's bowl eligible) by 58. The conference is giving way to one school, and that's been the recurring theme this year, as it's bounced around from Florida to Alabama and back again.

Whereas, it's always been up for grabs at this time in recent memory.

With the conference in controversy, and the integrity of the SEC on the line for next season, you can't expect the conference to plunder in consecutive seasons, can you?

No, you sure can't. To this date, also, Rivals has 10 commitments of their top 50 going to SEC schools. Of the 50, 17 have yet to decide on a school to attend. So that gives the SEC as having 1/5 of the top 50 recruits, with some obvious possible options to consider.

It's safe to say this is only something you'll see this season and this season, only, and that's a great thing coming from a resident of the south.