WWE SummerSlam Analysis: Don't Worry About John Cena, the Focus Is on CM Punk

Luis HerreraAnalyst IAugust 15, 2011

The WWE delivered. SummerSlam 2011 was a success, had some excellent matches, a fair share of surprises and the return of Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Nash.

Still, there was still room for some complaints.

Why burying Christian (I’ll talk about this tomorrow)? Why Alberto del Rio’s music didn’t hit when he was about to cash in? Why forcing Beth Phoenix to wear that ridiculous outfit?

And the questions we’ll deal with in this article: Why not allowing John Cena to take a clean pin? Why taking the WWE Championship off Cm Punk so fast?

The main concern in many articles and comments I’ve read today is that CM Punk will get lost in the shuffle. By making his defeat at SummerSlam controversial, the WWE ensured John Cena will stay in the title picture, while Punk lost his momentum.

I thought that at first, but then I realized that no matter what happens tonight at RAW and in the next weeks, the focus is on CM Punk.

It was Punk who got screwed by Kevin Nash. It was Punk who lost the title against Alberto del Rio. It was Punk who caused Vince McMahon’s demise. It was Punk who brought Triple H and Stephanie McMahon back to TV.

It’s Punk who is giving the adults and long time fans a reason to watch wrestling again. It’s Punk who made the WWE a trending topic, not in Twitter but in mainstream media.

Sure, John Cena will probably stay in the title picture. The WWE can’t forget about his fans and the big impact they make.

But the real focus of the programming is CM Punk.

Remember last year? John Cena was out of the title picture for six months, and still it was his storyline with The Nexus the one that caught the attention.

This time it’s about Punk.

Yes, like many of you, I wanted to see him walk out of SummerSlam as WWE Champion. He didn’t, but he was the winner of the night.

And this is just a bump in the road. Remember, the best storylines are the chase for the championship, not the title reign itself.

CM Punk has a wide range of possibilities from now on: he may feud with Alberto del Rio, John Cena, Triple H, Kevin Nash or Stephanie McMahon (or more likely, a few of them combined in one front).

We’ll keep watching because we want to see him as champion.

And sooner (Survivor Series) or later (WrestleMania 28), he will be.

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