WWE and the Divas: Instead of One Champion, Let's Have Two

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIAugust 16, 2011

I once wrote an article on this awhile back, where I stated that instead of having the WWE Divas compete for one championship, I suggested WWE do away with the WWE Divas Championship and instead create a WWE Divas Tag Team Championship. (You can find the article by clicking here.) 

WWE has changed a lot since then, but I think with recent trends in the Divas Division, scrapping WWE's current single woman's championship setup, and replacing it with a tag team division, would not only make a lot of sense with how Divas seem to be pairing up a lot lately, but also for several other reasons.

First, let us look at the current situation with the WWE. Right now, Kelly Kelly is the WWE Divas Champion with Beth Phoenix stalking her as part of Pheonix’s quest to become Champion and change things in the division. Along with them, Natalya has re-formed her alliance with Beth from the time they spent facing Lay-Cool, while Kelly's new BFF, Eve has stepped up to join her friend in combat.

Is it me, or for a Divas Division, does it not seem like too many woman are involved and allied for one belt? Yes, the simple solution is to later have one of them turn on the other, but I think WWE, which has been stepping its game up, can be a bit more creative than that.

Replacing the WWE Divas Championship with the WWE Divas Tag Team Championships would be a far more interesting move, and not just from a creativity standpoint, but also from a business standpoint. There is a lot of talent in WWE's Divas Division-and even some in FCW, that would do wonders if brought up, (when they're ready of course,) to help garner new interest in this product.

I even thought, at one point, WWE was thinking of doing this. It's been predicted that Eve will soon turn on Kelly Kelly, as she hopes to become WWE Divas Champion for a third time. That said, even if Eve doesn't take the title from Kelly, and it does wind up being Beth, then that leaves Beth in the same position as Kelly, with Natalya, (a talented Diva in her own right,) who could very well end up taking the title from her partner, as she doesn't seem like the type to like to play second fiddle for long.

It all seems like a far too easy and predictable scenario. Therefore, how would a Divas Tag Division help fix this problem, you ask? Well, it's not to difficult to imagine. Think of how often we've seen team-ups-and still see them now.

We have Kelly Kelly and Eve, The Divas of Doom, Tamina and Rosa, The Bella Twins, and A.J. and Kaitlyn. WWE has several other females on the roster, that could also team up, including some from FCW, which currently is home to the younger sister of Alicia Fox, Christina, and daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Eddie Guerrero, Shaul, who is said to be doing very well.

An argument that was presented to me the last time I brought this up was that WWE should focus on its men's tag team division before making another, but I think WWE is in the middle of a rebuilding phase, which should not only include the men's tag team, but the divas' matches as well.

Other benefits of a WWE Divas Tag Team Division, is allowing younger stars to improve their craft or hide faults while being paired up with another Diva—perhaps an older and more experience partner. Think, NXT, but actually watchable. After a few months, the WWE can look and see if a Diva is improving with her partner, while the fans get a taste of both good wrestling, and the chance to become familiar with someone they may not have seen a lot before.

It also opens up new avenues of storytelling in the Divas Division, allowing more Divas screen time to get over, and maybe even more mic time to work on those that can't talk very well. The thought of a tag team title, can help bring new excitement and unpredictability to the Divas Division, which is never a bad attribute.