WWE Breaking News: Tough Enough Winner Andy Leavine Suspended

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIIApril 6, 2017

According to PWInsider.com, Tough Enough winner Andy "Silent Rage" Leavine has been suspended for 30 days due to a violation of the WWE's Talent Wellness Program. 

The WWE has yet to publicly announce why Leavine has been suspended, but many insiders believe he may have failed a drug test. 

Leavine, who is currently wrestling in the developmental FCW, is the second person to apparently be suspended today by the WWE. The suspension of veteran referee Mike Chioda was announced today for also violating the Talent Wellness Program.

This is certainly a big blow to Leavine's future with the WWE. The TE winner has been drawing tons of backstage heat ever since winning the reality show and WWE contract back on the June 6 episode of Raw.

Many people were outraged at how poorly he sold the Stone Cold Stunner he received from his trainer and coach, Steve Austin, on the very same episode. There were also rumors circulating that Vince McMahon was very upset that runner-up Luke Robinson wasn't victorious over Leavine, and thought Robinson had much more overall potential.

It seems Leavine hasn't gotten off to a very good start in his WWE career, and now with this suspension, he will have to prove to a lot of people in the front office that he is still a valuable asset to this company.

It's interesting to point out however that during the show, Leavine was shown as very straight-edge, and never once did he go out and party with the rest of his housemates. For a guy so focused, it's very unfortunate to see it start to fall apart like this.

Find R-Truth, I smell a conspiracy. 

Still, nothing has been announced officially, so until then, stay tuned for more information.