Fantasy Football: Is Your Kicker Playing the Eagles? Start Him!

Bryn SwartzSenior Writer IIINovember 11, 2008

Listen to me, all of you out there that play fantasy football. I have some of the most important advice you can possibly receive. I don't care what team he plays for or who he is: Start the kicker playing against the Philadelphia Eagles. You will be greatly rewarded for your choice.

As an Eagles fan, I have had a running joke with my friends that no kicker will ever miss a field goal against the Eagles. I am now starting to wonder if this could possibly be true.


Dating back to Dec. 2, 2007, kickers have made 28 consecutive field goals against the Philadelphia Eagles. No joke. 28 consecutive field goals.


It has reached the point where it is ridiculous. Five of these field goals have been from longer than 50 yards. Jeff Reed of the Steelers (53 yards), Nick Folk of the Cowboys (51 yards), and Martin Gramatica of the Saints (55 yards) kicked their field goals on the last play of the first half.


Four more of these field goals have been longer than 45 yards (48, 47, 46, 46) and two others have topped 40 yards (41, 41).


The kicks below 40 yards? Not a miss. Not one. 16 for 16. And 28 for 28 on extra points.


The last miss by a kicker against the Philadelphia Eagles was when Josh Brown of the Seattle Seahawks missed a 40-yard field goal in the first quarter against the Eagles last December. The Seahawks still won that game 28-24.


I honestly wonder if a kicker will miss a kick against the Eagles again. Yes, they will, but when? Matt Bryant made a 62-yard game-winning field goal against the Eagles in 2006.


Kickers just don't miss against the Eagles. And since the Eagles have a fairly decent red-zone defense, lots of drives will stall, resulting in many field goal attempts. The Eagles also have a dreadful two-minute drill defense, and four games in the past 12 have ended with a walk-off field goal at the half.


Many fantasy football leagues award three points for a field goal under 40 yards, four points for a kick above 40 yards, and five points for a kick above 50 yards.


Using this system of scoring, kickers have scored the following amounts of points against the Eagles in the 13 games since a kicker missed a field goal: 12, 1, 2, 18, 16, 7, 8, 14, 4, 9, 14, 6, 10. That's an average of close to 10 points per game.


Kicker has always been a slightly overrated fantasy position, in my mind. But until a kicker misses a field goal against an Eagles team, I see no logical reason to pick another kicker for your fantasy team.