WWE's Viper Wins War, Leaves Christian Without Gold: What's Next for the Two?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 15, 2011

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

At Last night’s WWE SummerSlam PPV event we saw great action, a few surprises and a hopeful end to a feud…for now!

Once again, Orton and Christian went to battle in a No Holds Barred drag-out brawl, with the “Viper” Randy Orton reclaiming the world heavyweight title.

The end was near as Orton scored a thunderous RKO on Christian directly on a set of steel ring steps, which got “Viper” the pin.

After last night’s match, it seems to be a clear end for the feud for now, with Randy Orton getting the upper hand in the heated rivalry.

The question is: what's next for the two talented competitors?

It would seem a deeper story is starting to take shape; Edge came out last night to show his long time friend Christian support but eventually walked out on him, leaving Christian to fight alone.

Before the bout took place, Edge described his frustrations about his fellow friend, expressing disappointment with Christian’s recent actions.

Edge disapproved of Christian's moaning and complaining to receive rematches for the title, hiding behind lawyers and then accepting a title victory by disqualification.

Edge explained he had done some hideous, horrible things in the WWE ring, but he did it with style and wasn’t boring.

As Edge left, Christian was alone in the ring frustrated at what just happened.

Christian would give his all in an all-out war, but it was not enough to hold off Orton; the “Viper” was focused and determined to leave with the gold.

After all of this has taken effect, what will be next for Christian?

Although Edge can’t physically contribute any more, I have a feeling he will play a factor in Christian's upcoming developments.

What could happen is that we can see Christian turn more vicious and bitter, which could lead to new feuds as he looks to prove Edge wrong.

Right now, SmackDown is lacking star power and main event talent.

They do have the right pieces, but they have to be built up.

After losing last night, Daniel Bryan will be looking to rebound and regain some momentum; a feud with Christian can help.

Both are looking to rebound and are great in the ring. A feud between these two would be incredible.

But it seems like the WWE wants to continue the feud between Bryan and Wade Barrett, so this may be put on hold for now.

If you ask me, they should break up that feud and have Wade Barrett possibly revive a past feud with Orton.

If that’s not a probable option, we could have the newly turned baby-face Sheamus go to battle with Christian.

This could lead to the unstoppable force Mark Henry going on to feud with Randy Orton, which makes a lot of sense.

Mark Henry is on a roll right now, and to go for a title shot makes ton of sense.

This will help Randy Orton mold his baby-face character even more.

Because, even though Christian took the heel role in the feud, Orton still seemed like a “tweener!”

A feud with SmackDown’s hottest heel right now could help establish Orton even more as the top baby-face.

Yes, a lot of us (the fans) would rather see Orton without the title right now. Unfortunately, we have to deal with it.

But as the WWE continues to spice things up, we should expect the unexpected!

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