Week 11 Eliminator Preview: Playing It Safe

Jacob NitzbergAnalyst INovember 11, 2008

Week 10 brought me a second straight 3-0 week, as Arizona, Carolina, and San Diego all emerged victorious. Again, it wasn't easy, as Arizona and SD squeaked out victories. My upset special let me down again, and I blame it entirely on Tommie Harris.

Since you're reading this for Week 11, let's get onto the picks. As always, I'll try to suggest teams you haven't used yet. 

OBVIOUS ALERT: I'm not including Philly over Cinci since I assume you've already picked them. If you haven't, use them NOW. Seriously, right now, go to the Web site and lock them in for this week. I can wait.

1. Miami over Oakland

Oakland played a very good game against a tough Carolina team last week.  The Panthers were held to just 57 yards passing, with just nine going to their No. 1 WR Steve Smith. If that wasn't enough, Jake Delhomme threw a whopping four interceptions.

Despite all this, Oakland managed to scored just six points, even though they outgained Carolina. Three turnovers doomed the Raiders, and I see the same thing happening against a tough Miami defense.

On the heels of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, I see a big day for Ronnie Brown and a pretty good day for Ricky Williams. Miami will keep the ball on the ground for most of the day to avoid throwing in the direction of Nnamdi Asomugha. As with most of my picks, this one won't be exciting, but it will be predictable.

Miami 20, Oakland 7

2. Buffalo over Cleveland

The Bills will come into this game angry after a poor performance against the Patriots on Sunday.  Trent Edwards will have the chance to prove himself to the home crowd as well as a national audience on MNF. I see him going Jay Cutler on the Browns, not quite to the 447-yard level, but he will have a solid day.

This prediction comes on the heels of certain Browns feeling that some players have quit on the team. 

"When you have a team like that that comes into our house and we're capable of beating them, that's the first thing that comes to mind,'' wide receiver Josh Cribbs said Monday. "We can't figure out what man, but that's what it looked like—some guys quit. ...We know if everybody didn't quit, we would have won that ballgame.''

Clearly this Cleveland team is in disarray, and Brady Quinn looked solid in his debut, the Bills are a much stronger team than the Broncos on D right now. I see the former Golden Domer struggling in this one.

Bills 27, Browns 17

3. Carolina over Detroit

I know I used Carolina last week. I know I said I would try to pick teams you haven't used. This matchup is too juicy to pass on.

I mentioned Oakland's troubles with Carolina's D, I see Detroit struggling even more. I like everyone on the Panthers to have a big day this week, including both running backs and the defense.

This one is a no-brainer, so I'm not going to discuss it any further. Panthers in a blowout.

Panthers 34, Lions 10

Since we had the obvious alert, we're going to go without an upset special this week.  Especially since the last two haven't gone so well. Good luck, and hopefully this week will win you your pool.